OGX, The Sequel

September 30, 2005 at 5:37 PM | Posted in Personal | Leave a comment
Originall published 10/12/04 at webdisaster.net

Okay kids, I was wondering how to post all the goings-on that I have
experienced in the last few weeks, like should I post it in reverse
order of the most important, so that at the end, the climax? Innuendo
aside, I’m not that organized. Likewise to do it in chronological order,
because I— I forget why. So I will take the appropriate choice, which
is to ramble incoherently until I get done. Any thing resembling an
order is only a coincidence.

So, we closed on the house, which was 2 hours of nothing but signing
papers. Most of it seemed legit, but if I wake up on ice in a bathtub
with a long row of stitches on my back, I guess I’ll know that I
donated a lung. But in the time leading up to the close was all of the
coordination, and arranging to turn things on, and stuff like that.
Hey, we have cable now, because we are too far away for an antenna,
which was our previous mode. We had 6 and sometimes 7 channels of
broadcast glory! Now we have about 50+ channels (just the very basic,
because I am cheap) And now I do nothing but change channels. I may
just put tape on the channel up button. I need a tv guide, stat.
then we began our adventure in moving. Actually, that began a month or
so ago, when we started putting our shit in storage. We filled up a
10×20 storage, and our house was still full of all kinds of crap. This
was a complete mystery to me how this was possible until I realized
that our house was the convergence of a 4-dimensional space/time flux,
so we had extra space. For free.
But then we began to move our
actual STUFF, in my truck and borrowed trailer, and our van. It should
all go smoothly, but wait! There was an auction at the high school
where they were selling surplus stuff. I had to go; I was drawn to it
like a bee to a flower, or a fly to shit, or a man to a hardware store.
When we closed on the house, they had made a mistake calculating the
interest, so we got a check back, so I had some cash.
on the auction block was the computer stuff. The first piles of stuff
weren’t that interesting, but I picked up a few things, like a switch
and some other hardware. Then they turned to the skids of computers.
Macs, Lots of them. I am so sorry, Keri, but I couldn’t see the need
for a Mac. Plus these looked old. There were hardly any takers. One guy
bought about 23 of them for 2 bucks apiece.
They turned to the
pcs, which is my field, and I had already perused them. I —
I bought
15 computers. Four of them were 20 bucks apiece, included a monitor and
keyboard, and almost as an after thought, I bought 2 more skids, which
was 11 of them for 7.50 apiece. I wasn’t done. I bought six or 9
printers (to be honest, I dont know how many) about 4 of them line feed
like we use at work, a laser printer, a scanner, and some other ones.
Nope, not done yet. I bought a big-ass honking Xerox machine for 40 dollars.

wife is a real trooper, seriously. Like I expected, she was upset at
first, but got over it. But as I filled up the back of my truck AND the
entire trailer with all of this stuff, I had serious doubts as to my
sanity. I still do.
What I really wanted was a school bus, but they
didnt have any short ones. I mea, honestly, what would I do with a LONG bus? That would
be ridiculous. So one of the first things we moved into our new house,
into the garage, was a large pile of computers. I have high hopes of
being able to string them together to form a super computer, and from
there, take over the world.
But then we continued to move our shit, and
we are almost done. I still have all of my tools at the old house,
because I need to fix it up, because we are keeping it, and renting it
out. After we had cable installed, I asked the dude about the cable
internet dealy. He said not until the end of the year, maybe. "Oh
really? Cause I heard October." "Doubt it…" So I caved and called the
phone company to find out aobut the DSL. They said it was fast, but Im
thinkin, I live on the the NW corner of the middle of fuckin nowhere,
so how fast can it be? Our old DSL in suburbia was apparantly on the
edge of the service area, because we got download of about 250k. At
first it SEEMED fast, because we came from dial-up, but I was hoping my
porn would load faster.
Anyway, I get it here, install the thingy, and it is rocket fast! It is virgin-on-prom-night fast!
Go to toast.net, and they have some free speed tests you can perform. I am at 1.6 MB download!!! Fucking aye, baby!

Let me give some background on this part, for the people reading this
for the first itme on the blog:  I was working at a restaraunt
owned by some friends of mine, and they were going to make me a deal,
and sell it to me, and finance me, and they were going to buy this
other restaraunt venture.  All of this going on while I am having
a house built and trying to close on it.
Okay, but the thing is, in the meantime, the restaraunt deal
may have fallen through. My end was good, but it was contingent on my
boss buying this other restaraunt, and as they got closer to the deal,
things seemed fishy, and there are some legal things going on with it.
They may not be able to buy it at all, or if they do, it could be 6
months or three years down the road. In the meantime I still have to
pay a fuckin lawyer 500 dollars for taking care of my business
incorporation. Merry Christmas!

Addendum:  It ends up that I didnt buy the restaraunt, and it is
probably for the best.  I know my limitations, and I am a good
manager, not a good owner.  Plus, he is struggling to make ends
meet and has to work a lot of hours, which I knew, having been in the
restaraunt biz for 20 years.  But Kim made it up to me, in a big
way, actually.  She got me a job where she works, at a bank. 
Banker’s hours, great benefits, easy work, and the very real potential
to move up, not to mention pretty decent pay.  I still work for
Scott a couple of evenings per week so he has some time off, and as of
this writing, he hired another part-time cook, so he can be home a
little more, not run up against the wall we call "Burnout."

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