The Nature of Conspiracies

September 30, 2005 at 6:00 PM | Posted in News and politics | 1 Comment
So there is this guy I work with, Karl, who is quite the ultra-liberal. Maybe you are too, in which case I cant help you. But the motivating factor behind all of his political beliefs is the “conspiracy.” He lives in a world much like our own, except for these invisible controlling influences in the government and the media and
society in general. We are all puppets.  Or is that “muppets”?
Even when the government does something good, it is for dubious reasons. The news is not really the news. but only what they want us to see.
When he explained it like this, it all made perfect sense.
But I had an epiphany the other night, and as with most epiphanalia, I took it to the most secure medium I could think of: the white board where I work. But I continued to go back to it, until I had run it into the ground and stomped on it. It had metamorphosed. The next logical step, of course, after an epiphany, is sarcasm. This is what appeared on the board:The true conspiracy is creating conspiracies to keep the nutbags occuppied.

This doesn’t apply to you, Karl

Unless you think it does.

Then it really, really doesn’t.

It went on too long, and yet I still had a burning desire to go back and write “Soylent green is people!”

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  1. very accurate article on the nature of conspiracies..this karl guy has one heck of a head on him for the real nature of the political medium.unlike fox news, and the insanity of hannity, and the big lug o\’reilly, and savage, and anybody who works for rupert murdoch, this karl guy tells the truth and backs it up with facts, not opinions.he truly is the cape crusader for truth..god bless him..and,of course, cindy sheehan.

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