The Origin of Species. I mean the Name.

October 5, 2005 at 10:44 AM | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments
I have been using Oldestgenxer for a while, kind of a third
name, because I have a second name on the internet that I use,
but I like this one better.  But it comes from the fact that I
was born in early (february) of 1965, which is the first year
of the generation "x."  1964 and before is the baby boomer
generation, and before that, I forget what they are called.
The one after gen x is either gen next, or gen y, or whatever. 
Not sure.  All I know is, never trust anyone born in the 80’s.
I tell my son that, who was born in 88.  He still doesnt think
it’s funny.
But the term generation x comes from a song by Billy Idol, who
in the early 70’s was in a punk band, I think it was called
generation x, and they had a song ripping on the Who’s "Talkin
bout my generation," called "Talkin bout YOUR generation."  I
find it ironic that Billy Idol himself is not a gen-xer, but a
boomer, and now, like Pete Townsend, he is old.
Although I am an x-er, I am a boomer by marriage.
I took the name when I was trying to hang out with a younger
crowd, and thought I was out touch, but realized they were just
the younger gen-xers, people now in their 30’s.  I dont know
what the cutoff is for the start of gen y.  Don’t care, kinda. 
BUt I am glad that, once again, I was able to pick a name that
I didnt have to put stupid odd characters in, or use numbers
in.  I came up with a unique enough name that no one else
thought of it.  I am special.


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  1. your son doesn\’t think it is funny because he inherited his mother\’s sense of humor, which is none.

    you are partially incorrect, lol
    not that it matters to me, I like the name you use
    btw, I\’m having a good time here in the archives, catching up on ALL BRYAN, ALL THE TIME (my fantasy, lol)
    gotta go…. more to read
    naked hugs and "special rewards" if you\’re lucky

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