Just Like Starting Over

October 21, 2005 at 10:41 AM | Posted in Personal | Leave a comment
I did a search for "Life, the Universe, and Everything.  Else." and saw thousands upon thousands of entries.  I was a little upset, because I thought I had had an original idea.  The same thing happened that one time when I invented the wheel.  It really burst my bubble to find out it had been done.  So I came up with something new and original.
Actually, it’s not that new; I had thought of this title a few years ago.  And it’s obviously not original either, it’s a play on the title of a book/movie, "Riding in Cars with Boys."
But it is alot about what my life is like, or what it was like.  I have worked in food service for close to 20 years, having only recently changed careers.  I have from 86 to 99, I worked for Domino’s Pizza as a driver, Assistant Manager, Manager, and back down and up again, a few times.  Also managed to squeeze in some time at Steak and Shake and Papa John’s, and a steak delivery restaurant owned by some friends of mine, where I still work part time. 
In the course of my delivery and food service career, I have seen virtually everything, and I had wanted to write a book about it.  Since I don’t have the patience or attention span to write a book (I may have AD- something.  I wasn’t paying attention.)–I was going to write it in essay form.  It’s a comfortable format for me, and life seems to happen like that, or at least, that is how you relate it to people, in episodic form.  So there will be that whole category, and then maybe I can compile enough of them to publish in a book. 
Some topic will just come up, and I will tell a relevant story.  I ‘ve told them so many times, I thought I should right them down so I can stop repeating myself, which will be a great relief to my listeners.  So, that will be the category I use, the same as the title.  Meanwhile I also have other stories and topics that come to mind, that I will put under other categories.
I promise to make them mostly interesting and at least mildly amusing, and not in any particular order whatsoever.
The first entry of the "Riding in Cars with Pizza" was called "Psycho Driver."  It happened somewhere between 92 and 94, I think.  From now on, on the Pizza related ones, I will add an approximate date at the top, and maybe create a list that is actually a time line, to help me keep straight where the hell I was, what the fuck I was doing, and how, in God’s Name, I ended up there in the first place.  I also hereby promise to keep the prefatory remarks down to one paragraph, just to set up time and place.  That will keep me from being overly redundant.  Plus I don’t want to repeat myself.

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