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This girl I had working for me one time, she was watching tv and she was convinced–convinced–that this was true what she was watching. After she told me what it was, a talk show with a live studio audience and a special feature where they were displaying inventions of the future, I had the dubious task of explaning the concept of "infomercial" to her.

It was completely beyond her, that a powerful media structure, i.e., television, would allow a less than absolutely honest portrayal on its airwaves. Where is the trust? People depend on the tv to speak the truth to them. This was before the internet. If it’s in the paper it must be true. The tv doesn’t lie. Of course it really happened, I read it on the internet.

Today, anyone with $60 per year can buy webspace. Anyone can take a class in web design, or as most people do, learn it on their own through trial and error. If you have a particular believe system that you would like to spread to the folks, the internet is the best way. You can plan and design your site in anyway you want. You can make it appear that you and your site are actually some sort of vaild news organization, when in fact you actually a high school drop out or Al Franken, living in your mother’s basement. There are programs–computer software–that can be used to take a picture and modify it to look like something else, or someone else.

On television, there is a degree of accountability, there are organizations and watchdogs and mechanisms in place, as well as some laws on the books, which force news organizations, at least in this country, to do the bare minimum of fact checking and verification, if indeed it is to be portrayed as actual news, and not entertainment. Jon Stewart, for instance, does no fact checking. HE KNOWS he is entertainment, and occassionally tries to remind his viewers of that.

On the internet, there is no such watchdog. The internet is the truest of all anarchy, at least until the UN gets their grubby, greedy, corrupt hands on it. With the internet, you have the freedom to publish WHATEVER YOU WANT. It doesn’t have to be true. You don’t even have to believe it. You can make a fake news logo and put it in the corner. You can fake a "dateline, AP, Washington."


The drawback to this is, of course, it is hard to know what to believe. There’s a sucker born every minute may have been true in bygone days, but now that rate has increased. People, by and large, believe what they want to believe, and gravitate towards those sources which validate their believes. Therefore, no new information is passed along, no true data is disseminated.

I have chosen to use my webspace, my blog, as a personal journal and sounding board, and place where the essays I write can be displayed. The line between fiction and non fiction is blurry, but it exists. And I don’t try to portray myself or my site as something I AM NOT. I am honest about what I do.

I will not even tell you what conclusions to draw from this. I am only laying out the facts. Draw your own conclusions. Without political pretense. Without preconceived notions. In other words, without your conclusions already made. Try to think independently, and clearly, and, ultimately. . . . like me.


The meaning of the title of the article is left as an exercise for the student.



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  1. I would call it a lack of will, naive and foolish believing in the nonexistant sincerity of nowdays world. I think people will believe it as long as they don\’t get hurt; it\’s an instinct. The meaning of the title is Alethio, Tiesa, Verite, Verdad or simply The Truth, although I would call this Nedarazumenye.P.S. It is good to be lovedOh mirror on my wall,Show me Me – The wicked soul.:)

  2. Great blog. And it seems that Lota and i agreee 😀 (she\’s my friend, that has a blog, that has a friend that is friend of mine too and her name she has a blog too (Aura). now comprehend). aparently she said what i would say, so i won\’t say it again. And she\’s also right about that word. It\’s russian and means truth… (?) heheh, we\’re both fluent in that 😀

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