November 1, 2005 at 10:16 AM | Posted in Personal | 3 Comments
I had a dream.  Not an "Equality for all humanity" kind of dream, or even a
flying dream.  But maybe close.  I do dream in color, mostly.  Even my
black and white dreams are in color, or at least sepia.
And never mind the psycho analysis, either.  Although this dream has
been run rampant with transexual and homosexual themes, it doesn’t
have any deep,secret meaning for me.  I’m not hiding anything.  And
even if I was, I’m not telling you.
The theme probably came from a couple of different circumstances.  For
one, we had a Halloween costume party at work, and while there were no
transvestites there, there was a Michael Jackson.  Also, I saw a scene
from a movie which had an actor who had played a transvestite in
another movie, who I had not recognized initially, but when I did, it
was a shock.  I couldn’t believe, how different he looked, but all I
could think of was how he looked dressed as a woman.
Combine that with the fact that I had been thinking recently that
transvestites are not necessarily gay, and gays don’t always dress as
tranny’s, either.  But I think, if you are a transvestite, it would help if
you were gay.  Otherwise, it seems to me, it would be a very confusing
lifestyle.  Likewise, if you are gay, and a transvestite, aren’t you just
role-playing the standard male-female archtype?  Doesn’t that mean that
 you are supporting the hetersexual standard?  What does that say about
you? And then I saw, and made the mistake of staying on the channel,
a live show of a country-western bar, with lots of people doing poorly
synchronized line-dancing.
I was in a dance club.  Lots of people were dancing.  Lots of women
were dancing.  Line dancing.  And then I realized they weren’t women,
they were transvestites.  I was beginning to think I may have walked into
the wrong bar.  I looked around for my wife, and saw her off to the side,
with three trannies, trying to teach them some dance steps.  Strange. 
But my wife is a good dancer.  A cute young tranny near me asked me
why I wasn’t dancing.  I may have been dressed like a woman, I’m really
not sure.  So I didnt feel out of place for that reason, in fact I fit right in.
But there was no way I was going out on the dance floor, and get in a
row with all of these other men dressed as women, and move and shuffle
in unison to country music.
I didn’t know how to dance.


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  1. hey i read part of your blog….pretty interesting. to clear some things up for you: (i\’m a gender studies major at indiana university) you\’re right, trannies aren\’t always gay. being a transvestite has nothing to do with one\’s sexuality…it has to do with the way you prefer to dress. sometimes that concept is confusing. and LOTS of gay people don\’t dress as trannies. the two ideas are completely different. but yes it is probably easier to be a gay tranny. and in my opinion to be a tranvestite isn\’t necessarily supporting the heterosexual standard. you are just dressing the way you like to dress.

  2. what a nightmare! you didn\’t know How. To. Dance!!! nooooooo <at this moment you\’re waking up>Well in my last nightmare my orange cat started barking at me, and latter I was hooking up a coffe shop seller who looked like a stylish dracula. that\’s what my dreams look like 😛 cats and men.

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