Tall, Cool One

November 4, 2005 at 8:50 PM | Posted in Humor Me | 2 Comments
The best conspiracies in life are free.  I was showing someone my
computer wallpaper (this week, a sketch of aliens during your typical
alien abduction:  thin, grey, with bulbous heads).  This was
the conversation:

"How come the aliens don’t have mouths?"
communicate telepathically."
"Bullshit.  How do they eat?"
"Oh.  . . .. .
Uh, they either absorb it by osmosis, or they shove it up their ass."


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  1. :\’\’DDDDD

  2. oh, you know how to flater (blushing furiously :P).I\’d love to see your art work. we\’ll I\’m not much of writer, but my best friends are paper and pencil 🙂 kinda obsesed with drawing.good luck with figuring out how to add photo album .ciao

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