Another Christmas Wish

December 23, 2005 at 9:21 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
Be still, and listen.
Think about that, and then take the time to do it, please.  Thanks.
May not be back with you all until after Christmas (but then again, you never know.)


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  1. Umm, no Bryan… I actually live in Breaux Bridge, near Lafayette…South West Louisiana (Acadiana) but, being 2 hours from New Orleans and the fact that I visit the city quite often… well I guess I kind of have a soft spot for the place. After Katrina, I did the same as you and sent a donation to the Red Cross. (It wasn\’t much but hey, every little bit helps, not so?) I got Gary to come with me to donate blood and we have pledged to give at least three donations a year…but I am going to try and go every 2 months! lol We also took in a young black family (Dad, Mom and young baby) for just on six weeks. They had evacuated before the Hurricane and had come to stay with family in our street. The little house was literally overflowing and as we had a spare room, we invited them to come and sleep each night. The husband eventually found a job at Haliburtion in New Iberia and they have now moved into an apartment in Lafayette. They will not be going back to New Orleans.Will catch up with you again after Christmas. Enjoy this special time with your loved ones. Take care.

  2. I did that, the only diference was that i did it conciously. well i always listen but never use the knowladge ( somehow). happy new year! 😀 p.s. sincerely. really…

  3. hey man, how did you make the word LISTEN lean like that?

  4. There is a button with an "I" leaning, oddly enough, to the left. Stands for \’italics,\’ dumbass. In the part where we create the text. Highlight the desired text, and click the button with your mouse.You do know what a mouse is, don\’t you?(Attention everyone else: Don\’t be alarmed; I know this guy.)

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