New Years’ Cliches

January 3, 2006 at 10:56 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

I wasn’t going to make any New Years’ Resolutions this year, but then I realized I only have once or twice, and the ones I did I actually kept.  Unusual for a guy like me.  So I resolved to make some resolutions, but I was resolute on one thing specifically: I didn’t want to be tied down to these things, in case I needed to be absolved of my resolutions.  Make sense?
So instead I made some New Years’ Approximations.  Things that I would like to try to do, or at least head in the general direction of doing, without any commitment.  Instead of marrying these, I’m just going to live in sin with them, and possibly sleep with their best friend.
And then, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to publish these, because it may get personal.  But then again, the whole damn blog is personal, isn’t it?  You all just snuck in my room, lifted up my mattress, pushed the porn aside, and went straight for my diary.  And now you are laying on my bed, reading it.  Don’t you feel dirty?  Even a little?
So, anyway, here they are, subject to change without notice, this offer not available in all states, limited warranty, viewer discretion advised, your mileage may vary.

New Year's Approximations:

These are not resolution, per se, however, some items I would like to accomplish and then cross off the list. I won’t include an actual time line, because I want to be free of pressure, but I want a guideline for tasks to complete.

1. Be serious about losing weight. In fact, possibly even lose some. If we want an ultimatum, how about a goal weight of 3 bills by the end of ’06? I think that is more than reasonable. Break it down into months, and that is about 5 lbs per month. Included with that, I want to start working out. Some weights, some karate. Get into shape before I get too old.

2. Take care of budgeting and get costs and spending  under control. No extraneous spending on my part. Get my card paid down, get caught up on all things behind, and start to put money back. Make a time,  like Sunday evening for half an hour, to take care of financial issues.

3. Do something about survival issues. Need a cabinet in the basement for home, and have bug out bag
attached. Create plans, make packs for car and office. (yes, I am kind of into that.)

4. Do more creative work. Keep writing, keep blog going, try to write something of length, and attempt to cartoon. Fix cartoons and mount them on the blog. Work on the board game idea. Work on that script.

5. If at all possible, get involved in local politics somehow. Either with the election board, or county  or city offices.

6. Get files all straightened out and cleaned up, and garage straightened up and cleaned up. You know, the  usual.

7. Remember to take a few days off in the spring to really work on the yard.

8. Should this have been higher up on the list? Try to spend more time with the family, have more patience with the kids. Teach Miranda the karate while I am practicing. Make sure Mitchell has a direction for college.

8.1. Along these lines, I know I do and watch some inappropriate things–limit the tv watching, censor what Miranda watches. She’s young.

Like I said, mostly nothing with a serious commitment, except possibly the weight and the exercise, just some notes on the direction I’d like to go. But it’s mounted now on the blog, that’s like being carved in electronic stone. Until I change it.



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  1. Thankfully – as I hate failing – I never make resolutions unto the new years that creep in…

  2. "Twas fate that brought you to me." Perhaps so, but in reality, do we not make our own fate? Do we not have any say at all? Or are the Gods that be simply sitting above, doling out to each what they think should be given? "And I have a theory about why a duck\’s quack doesnt echo. They are multidimensional creatures. Their quack is merely a shadow of what they are truly trying to communicate. Nothing else makes sense." Now therein lies the answer I have long searched for. Perhaps we are much more like ducks than we think…Thanks for stopping by my space and Im looking forward to seeing you around…

  3. Approximations – good word, but I think I\’ll wait until I pull my head outta my ass before I start a new project…

  4. fortune cookie: You\’ve made a lot bad decisions with relationships. For instance, the person you are with, about being in the tub… I didn\’t think you were home! But… it was fun, wasn\’t it? As for the heartbreak, well… I\’ll just take my chances.resolutions… approximations… nothing more than a \’to do list\’, and we\’ve all got those, so I figure, why add to it?

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