I’ve been what?

January 19, 2006 at 11:43 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments
Well, okay–I’ve been tagged, so I have to list 5 quirky things about me. ….

I can sleep ANYWHERE.

I flirt with every female I come in contact with.

I have never EVER finished a project –scratch that- I have finished ONE project in my adult life.  —20 years

I am terrified of bees and wasps.

I like to put cereal on ice cream

I dont know if I know if other people to tag who have blogs.  (is that another one?  is that 6?)



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  1. hey.. you have like 7 blogs listed over in that there list.. tag \’em! it\’s painful, but not life threatening, loloh, and I never noticed you flirt… hmm hugglesKim

  2. Those aren\’t quirks – you\’re a guy!!!I think he should try again, don\’t you Kimmie?

  3. Ok – the revised list is much better, those are quirks.I might post a list….IF I can come up with 5 …

  4. HEY! BRYAN! where\’s a new posting??? I\’ve read your quirks, including the added ones on Trish\’s blog, at least 5 times now! Okay, Okay.. the added ones I\’ve only read twice. Quit making a big deal about it, geesh! But c\’mone! It\’s like you have a life outside of putting up entertainment for me.

  5. damn.. hit the wrong button or something… I WASN\’T FINISHED!I wanted to add:I DON\’T HAVE A LIFE!!!! Oh wait.. I know what happened.. you finally told your wife and are enjoying the fringe benefits of a nearly near death experience that didn\’t happen. Got it. My bad. Sorry.*sigh*Kim

  6. Rice Krispies over vanilla ice cream.. MMMM Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Tagged over from a comment you left on the GingerBread Man\’s site.. I like ur thought process..much like mine lol and the American Fortune Cookie list is hilarious.  Stop by for a visit. 🙂  I\’ll be back!

  7. I remember, you taged me and i ignored it 😛 such things \’somehow\’ doesn\’t work on me. i have a list of quirks though 😀 and your 5 sounds  normal. i do most of them exept \’put cereal on ice cream\’.
    P.S. i thought it was time \’to do myself a favour\’ and read your archives. i\’ll have to do myself favours more often 🙂 But that "we had joy" gave me a feeling of … haunting(?)
    g\’aaaahhh, i\’m babbling… 😛
    see you.

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