I swear I am done with the death thing

January 26, 2006 at 12:27 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
So, yes I am a Christian, even though it appears that I am a godless heathen.  That is just my professional persona, for laughs.  I believe.  Then why am I not prosletyzing, trying to save people, and so forth?
Well, Heaven is going to be crowded enough the way it is.  I don’t really want to be bunking with some hairy, nose-picking, 8th Century goniff.
Ever been the victim of an over-booked flight?  I’m not taking any chances.
Along the same lines (and I guess I need to include this in my last wishes, along with the practical joke thing which I still want to do), when I am buried, I want to be buried, not cremated–cremation is for heathens.  It’s what my mom did, it’s what my dad wants, and he is a heathen and proud of it.
But I want to be buried in the plain pine wood coffin.  And not sealed around the edge with superglue, either.  What the hell are people thinking?  When Jesus comes back, and the resurrection begins, I want to be able to get OUT of my coffin!  Plan ahead, people.


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  1. just a quick hi…

  2. okey doke… you need to read my previous post on how I really feel about Valentines Day. This whole theme thing is just my way of trying to make everyone else as sick of it as I am… only I think it\’s backfiring! dammit!
    As for you liking the pink….  um, gee… imagine that!
    The Misunderstood Mistress

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