A Full Set

March 2, 2006 at 9:25 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
So, yeah, some people–and I won’t mention any names, thought I should name my flash drive after them.  This is the problem with that, Kim:
First of all, my best friend’s name is Kim also, and I don’t want to a) confuse them, 2) make her think it’s a creepy kind of tribute d) make my wife think it’s named after her as well, and make her jealous.
I know not a single Janet at this point in my life, and it just came to me.  Plus, I know people who have several,and I thought if I got two more, I could make a complete set and name the other two Jack and Chrissy.
You understand the logic here, right?
Right now I am content to have Janet near my naked, hairy chest.


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  1. okay, okay, okay! point made.
    and thanks for not mentioning any names

  2. ROFL!  I can by to see what you were up to and now I\’m laughing my butt off at  your woman in red, ms. Janet Flashdrive! 

  3. Hi!  Love your space–I will definitely be stalking you now!
    Make sure you keep Janet away from hair spray and lighters.  Probably keep them away your hairy chest too. 

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