Two Wabbits in Every Pot

March 6, 2006 at 10:21 AM | Posted in News and politics | 3 Comments
  I just saw recently some signs around town, "Re-elect (Whowever the clown is) for mayor."  Whatever.  I could run for mayor.  But I’m. . . busy.  But I could run.  I could win.  I’m the smartest person in a 15 mile radius, I’m sure of that.  I could be mayor, and then governor, and then president.
  Wait, maybe I need another step in the middle.  I could be mayor, then representative, then president.  Mayor, representative, governor, then president.  Then king.  Of the world, like Leo.
  Uh, there’s another step in there, isn’t there?  Who is is charge of a county?  In St Louis and St Charles county, two densely populated areas, the leader is called a county executive.  That doesn’t sound very sexy.  Leader’s titles should be sexy, after all.  The allure of power is very sexy, and the title should match.  County.. ..Provost?  County Chancellor.
  There should be another layer in between Governor and President.  If the country was balkanized into a dozen superstates, like say, all of those tiny states in the northeast would just be called New England. You get the idea.  Then the leader would be the Provost Marshall, or Herr Kommandant.
  Maybe I’m just nostalgic for the 1950’s cold war eastern Europe.  It was a sexy time, in a cold, grey, dank kind of way.  The mystery, the cloak and dagger, the sexy accents, the spying.  I’m sure it’s a complete misconception.  I have no more of an idea of how that era was than I know about life in Mesopotamia.  I mean,   I’ve read and watched on TV and movies, but it can’t be accurate.  Not if I characterize it as a sexy, mysterious time, right?  I know that people from that era and that place had a skewed view of America.  Even now, people in other countries have a skewed view of America.
  The America portrayed by Hollywood in the movies–that’s not us.  Not by a longshot.  Don’t know any gay cowboys, for one.  Never been in a car chase, or a shoot out with police.  Never been involved in a complex murder coverup- conspiracy.  Never been chased across the countryside by aliens (or Scientologists), either.  How many freakin’ talking dogs do you know?
Never had a wacky romantic comedy love story. . .although I guess I’ve always tried to create one.


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  1. Should we call this utopia of Bryan.
    Hmm, yes, the only thing sexy about that period (50\’s) is retro style, cabaret in Paris, planed murders, and spies. My family once had to do something with spies, so my grandfather got sacked and deported to Siberia for 15 years. Thinking of that gives me chills. And my grandmother told me about the man talking Russian, but with French accent. Sexy… 😀 By the description he did look good as well. And what about now days? We still get information about KGB working in Lithuania, over 10000 phone numbers being listened, our previous president brainwashed and much more 😛 Weird times I’d say J
    p.s. I know a gay, but he left to America 😛 I was in the car chase and illegal as well (WOOHOOO), and my Barsas (R.I.P) could say ‘LAUK’ (meaning ‘outside’)

  2. The movies aren\’t real?
    Dogs aren\’t supposed to talk?
    The 50\’s wasn\’t a sexy era? (okay, gotta agree with that since all the 30 year old men looked 60)
    Damn. More myths shot to hell.

  3. I think I was born in the wrong era (hubby thinks I\’m down right crazy).  I really dig the early forties, the music, the way they dressed the cars…..You know….Kim seems to be your biggest fan….I better post more comments ROFL!!

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