Green Grass and High Tides Forever

March 9, 2006 at 9:03 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
That just kind of pisses me off.  Has this happened to any of ya’ll out there in blogville?  I view my settings and see a new comment posted on an older article, and I’m thinking, "Hey, great, a new fan!"  ANd I go to it, and it looks like a comment, but it is really an ad to get you to go look at their website where they are selling shit!  One last week was a site in CHina that sells shoes.  The one I found today was ringtones and wallpaper.
(And by the way, who is the sorry, computer-stupid fuck who pays for a wallpaper background for his computer?  Right-click on just about any image, and there you go.  I change mine all the time, on whim.  Which goes along way toward explaining why I can never get a tattoo.  Aside from the pain–I am a sissy–I can hardly stand to wear the same clothes all day long.  And you want me to keep a tattoo?  For how long?  Forever?  I don’t have that kind of attention span.
Right now what I have on my wallpaper is some artwork from another blog, in fact.  Thanks, Aurora.  I dont know if it’s something you made or something you found, but it pleases me to think you made it.)
But back to my original topic:
That’s bullshit.  I (naively, I guess) thought the blog universe was the last untouched, sacred, pure landscape in the virtual world.  I thought the collective minds, the people that are a part of it, could sustain the sanctity, subject only to the actual blog provider (in this case, msn). . .
***********I deleted the fucking thing, by the way****************
But our prairie, our wide open, blue sky and pastures and woodlands have been despoiled by some  entrepreneurial bastard who sees our communal life in the blog as the last great untapped market.  I feel cheapened, and cheated.  I want this to be a special place.  It is for me. Not just mine, but all of them.  The ones I link to.  It is beyond commercialism.  It is how we connect across the globe.  I feel as though I have some real friends out here, and it disheartens me to thing that someone else could come in, feigning friendship, or an interest, just to get a lead and hits on their site.
For all of my outward jadedness, inside I am still very trusting, innocent, naive.  I believe in the goodness in all of mankind.
And yet they continue to beat down.


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  1. Maybe they\’re hoping to find pizza here and get pissed so they leave you those stupid links. I\’m almost afraid to say I haven\’t gotten anything like that because sure as I\’m sitting here, I\’ll probably start getting them now. Dammit. I wouldn\’t do well in jail, I\’m too freakin\’ cute!.. so shooting them is out of the question.
    ah well, some of us come here just \’cause of YOU… and not the non existant pizza.

  2. I agree with Kim cuz I have never gotten any links like that. 

  3. Can\’t say that I have been \’violated\’ yet! I did notice, however, that the hotmail email that I set up specifically to create my Blog has been inundated with junk mail – mainly of the sexual type. Woopeee! Strangely, this only began after Msn made all those changes and, especially since \’Communication Preferences\’ was introduced into the \’system\’…

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