The Minnow Would Be Lost

March 10, 2006 at 10:43 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments
VOTE NOW!  What is Your Favorite Gilligan’s Island Episode:

1 The one where Mrs Howell and Gilligan recreate the Graduate
2 The one with the lesbian love scene between Maryann and Ginger
3 The one where the Professor finds a way to get off the island, and Gilligan ruins it, so then Mr Howell, the Skipper, and the Professor gang rape him, and Mrs Howell takes a strap-on to him
4 The one where the Harlem Globetrotters show up on the island, and bang themselves some white women
5 The one where Mr Howell pays the Skipper a million dollars to bang Mrs Howell
6 The one where Maryann’s garden has hallucinogenic mushrooms, and everybody trips.  Famous for it’s dream-like tripping sequences
7 The one where aliens kidnap the Professor, and replace his brain with David Schwimmer’s
8 The one where Ginger tells everyone she’s a hermaphrodite
9 The "wife swap" episode
10 A very special cannibalism episode

The show was a lot edgier than you remember.



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  1. I vote for number 2.
    I mean, c\’mone… what is sexier than watching two sexy women making out???
    Not that I\’d ever be one of them, but at least I\’m honest.
    sweet dreams  : )

  2. …what channel was your \’Gilligan\’s Island\’ on?

  3. I\’ll vote with Kim LOL. 
    BTW–I don\’t feel so bad about getting a two year associates in 3.5 years!  Nothing special, just a associates of applied science in Business Office Systems with MS Office certificatioin (I\’m actually a certified Master of MS Office).  Basically, I\’m just a glorified secretary who hopes to conquer the world. lol

  4. oh my gosh – I\’m so glad you left a comment because I lost you and I love your site! You crack me up and I have told the skin tag story (sorry) but it is the funniest thing that nurse surprising you and what you were thinking – I told it at a dinner party (quite the lady I am) and I have to say that I had them on the floor with laughter but they also said to send compassion to whomever it happened to – we are laughing WITH you, not at you! You have such a great way of telling a story and such a great sense of humor – I was totally bummed when I couldn\’t find your site again! Okay now I must tell you that I am gulliable beyond belief – put a bump on the head on top of it and I literally was looking at this Gillian\’s list thinking wow I missed that one or did I see that? I think you should have written for the show! It would have been much more interesting – by the way I do think that Ginger and Maryann did have a thing for eachother!! LOL!Also the cuddling thing in the next entry had me crying with tears -next guy I date i\’m coming to you about the truth about it all! I also agree completely about the tattoo thing – I can\’t wear a shade of nail polish without feeling the need to peel it off within the first 48 hours. Tattoo yeah right, plus I really don\’t want to be around blood and needles unless it is saving my life or something. Love the AMerican Fortune Cookies – if you don\’t mind – I\’d like to use the If you don\’t stop talking I\’d like to cry in my morning meeting tomorrow – I\’m not big on morning –  "Good news always sleeps til noon" – very true quote by Cowboy Junkies! Glad you are doing well and happy belated birthday. Dream big and have a great day! -patti

  5. the best one was when gilligan could read the other castaway\’s minds. classic line from gilligan when he\’s trying to read ginger\’s mind: "Rockery Hudpeck". you see, ginger could not make up her mind, either rock hudson or gregory peck.
    funny stuff.

  6. hey,
    oh how sweet, you discovered me… yup Losa said that she didn\’t want this space and that it would still be me who "corected" the blogs and I needed another space anyway 😛 I\’m making this more personal…
    well see you then 🙂

  7. Okay, the  past couple of days have been crap – hitting bricks walls with Consulates.. but anyway… I have neglected my Space somewhat and have only just been reading up on comments… I have just seen your comment about \’hunting\’… you really are a gem!! Thanks, you made me smile at this crappy, old world again…lol  x Eileen

  8. yes well what can I say? I AM such a sex goddess after all *snort! hehehe
    we\’re HOMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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