What is And What Should Never Be

March 10, 2006 at 10:36 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments
March 10

  It was going to be a special, romantic weekend.
It was her idea, even. She called me at work and said, we could get a hotel room this weekend. It’s our anniversery. Eighteen years. Feels like 27. This is all subjective.. .
This is probably because a few weeks ago, for my birthday, I wanted to go to a comedy show that had come to town. But then there was the funeral, and then when I called about tickets, there was standing room only, and she said, she is not going to stand for a comedy show. Not for that long.   She can’t do it, or can’t do it for for that period of time. So then we were going to borrow her brother’s motorized wheelchair thingy, but then, like I said, the funeral and what have you. By the time I called back, they had sold out completely. Well, fuck. We did actually go out that weekend which was unusual. A guy who works where I work is in a band, and he heavily promoted to us their gig that Saturday night, and My wife was actually willing to go.
It was fun. A small bar, almost too small for a band. Less than 100 people, and all of us from the bank were about 15, so we had a formidable contingent.   
  We drank, we danced. I got her drunk and took her home. You know what happened after that.

So with our anniversery looming, she calls me and says, hey, we could get a hotel room somewhere. I tell her that the band is actually playing again somewhere, and she enjoyed the music (they do 80’s stuff) maybe we could get one near where they were playing, make a night of it that way. She agreed. This would be fun.
I found the hotel, made a reservation, we were set.
Were. Wednesday night, she thought she might be getting sick. Thursday, she was, she came home early. Today, Friday, she stayed home. I cancelled the reservation. Ususally when she is sick it lasts a while.

  And I had worked on setting the mood up, too. Wednesday night, I cuddled (Christ, cuddled?) her, and whispered things about what we were going to do Saturday night. Thursday I was planning what to take.
Friday, I sit here with my dick in my hand, going nowhere.
I’m amazed that I’m really not that upset about it. Is it because she’s sick, and I have compassion? Doubt it. I’m a guy. According to women’s magazines, men equate sex with love. I got a lot of love to give, if you know what I mean. Maybe it’s because I’m older, and not necessarily more mature, but just having the ol’ libido wind down on me a bit. Just like getting lower rates on car insurance, there had to be some advantage to getting older. I still want to do it just as much, just can’t act on it all the time like I when I was a 21 year old walking erection.

So now? Well, I am off this weekend. Maybe I’ll just work Saturday night.



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  1. Happy Anniversary

  2. fuck anniversaries. they just remind you you\’ve spent one more year with someone you don\’t really like.
    that\’s my take on them, anyhow.
    I was trying to be nice, hiding my bitterness towards marriage on the first comment. Figured you had a shitty enough \’celebration\’, why make it worse.
    but you can spank me anyway, if you want.
    oh, and your e-mail thingy doesn\’t work. just takes you to the sign in page for hotmail.
    hugs and tugs

  3. Well, that didn\’t sound like much of an anniversary but sometimes you have to celebrate before/after the date of the celebration.  Take for instance our get away trip to Deadwood, that was the end of February, our anniversary was actually waaaay back Dec. 6th.  Hubby always complains no matter how screwed up my schedule is, I ALWAYS start the on dates that are important ROFL, I feel so bad; it\’s not like I make myself do it!!! Anyways, I\’m rambling…..stop in again!!

  4. just goes to show you that some days it doesnt pay to get out of bed…
    As to the color changes at WOD, its not that I have gone "legally Blonde" as you put it – God forbid! – its just the reflection of my mood at being pregnant… again… at 36… and SO hoping its a girl what with all the friggin testosterone in the house now…

  5. pick some random date for our anniversary… but it cannot be in March! and you cannot get pissed if I forget it (wait, maybe I only forget anniversaries with people I don\’t like)
    steaks are only good if you can hear the whispers of the cow mooing.. and don\’t disguise that juicy wet taste with some crappy steak sauce! as for the 14th… yeah, once a year is do-able, lol…
    you\’re a bad boy, Bryan
    I like that in a man
    hugs and tugs

  6. lmao.. sorry to laugh at ur obvious \’pain\’.. lol but the dick in hand comment had me crackin up.. tho i\’m tryin to crack up QUIETLY as I\’m still stuck in the hosp room w/ my son 😛 
    i updated.. finally .. just fyi 🙂 
    and \’stupid shit\’ on these blogsites is perfectly wonderful.. eventually I\’ll get back to my own \’stupid shit\’ .. once this current \’major shit\’ settles down some…
    hehe guess i\’m feelin \’shitty\’ tonite LOL j/k .. just been awhile since I could cuss lol

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