HA Cawtcha! Bastards!

March 14, 2006 at 10:08 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
Okay, I left them on here for all to see. Go look at the comment on my last article. Its a fuckin ad. Fucking bastards. Fucking fucks. Why the fuck cant they leave my fucking shit the fuck alone, the fuckers. All I fucking want is to fucking have a fucking place to fucking post my fucking thoughts, fuckers. And I get the fucking covert fucking bullshit fucking treatment. The fuckers come in, put something like a post up, and its really just a fucking link to their fucking site to fucking sell me some fucking bullshit. Fuck this internet and the fucking cat6 it rode in on. Fuck.

Pardon my goddamn French.


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  1. Just looking at it.. definitely of Chinese origin… I don\’t blame you for being pissed! How on earth are you going to be able to stop this crap. Hope you manage to sort something out. Catch you later, x Eileen

  2. Do you post late at night like I do?  I haven\’t gotten any of those comments; however, I get a lot of latino and chinese hits if I post after midnight (which is almost daily LOL).

  3. jesus fucking christ! you don\’t like the fucking wallpaper? what the fucks the matter with you? fuck.
    hugs  and tugs in all the right places

  4. Fucking outrageous! I once wrote about metal detectors from another blog (ya know the things that you hunt around in the sand for stuff) anyway, that afternoon – whamo – ad for my very own metal detector!! Maybe we should chat about… oh unlimited amounts of travel and voila! AD with coupon 🙂 – patti

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