Dazed And Confused

March 16, 2006 at 7:59 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
I figured I would continue with the Zeppelin theme from a previous article, cause it ties together.  By the way, Karl, any bullshit I hear from you about grammactical or spelling errors in this will be promptly ignored.  There’s a reason, okay?
See, the wife had gotten sick a few days before our anniversery, and being the logical minded indvidual that I am, I knew that there was a conspiracy brewing .  All of this happended because God doesnt want me to be happy.  God may love you, but he feels pretty hit or miss towards me.
But it moved way beyond that, into apocolyptic levels.  Not only did she continue to be sick, but I got sick as well.  And then our older son.  Our daughter, the little alien-spawn sweetheart, remained impervious.
She’s nine years old.  "Daddy, how come you and Mommie and Mitchell are sick and I’m not?"
"Because you’re a freak, honey."
Linda was getting worse, and decided, yeah, she needs to go to the doctor.  Why do people put that off when they know it will only make them feel better?  Denial?  Im not that sick?  Whatever.  My wife wants to find a new doctor,, but in the meantime, we made the appointment for the one we had been using–forty miles away, in the suburbs.  She goes in on Tuesday.  Actually, I take her.  Diagnosis:  Pneumonia, bronchitis.  I had worked on Monday, at both jobs, and took off Tuesday to take her.  This is my spring reak form college.  I had been planning for months to take a day off jsut for me. Well, that shit aint gonna happen.  I went to work on Wednesday, worked about 2 hours.  I must be pretty sick if I cant even sit at a desk all day.  I tried to get into the doctor Wednesday, but there was no opening, so I settled for Thursday morning.  I figureed I could go to the doctor, get some antibiotics maybe, and shuffle off to work.  Im not that sick..
I have a severe sinus infection.  Here’s where it gets stupid on my part.  The nurse gives me some antibiotics (sometimes they do that, so I didnt have to pay for a prescription) but they want me to go to the lab and give a urine specimen, because of all the stuff going on in my system.  But I realize now that I need to get my son in as well.  He had already determined that he would leave school early today.  So I made an appointment for him, and headed back home.
Wait!  I have to give a specimen before I take the meds.  Well, I figured, with my infection-addled brain, that I could do it on the way back into town, bringing him in.  Keep in mind, forty miles one way to the doctor.  Linda was on day three of her meds, som I made her drive   He get Mitch to the doctor, pneumonia.  He gets some meds and prescriptions.  The whole way into town, I was sleeping, and nursing a big class of orannge juice with ice.  Just to keep my throat soothed–it hurt too much to cough.  Indeed, the last several days had been a delirium of sleep and pain.
So we go by the lab, and I pee for them.  All over the place.  I got no control.  Then I cleaned up my mess.  So, now I can take my meds.  Finally.  Well, we head back towards home, going to stop at what I had thought was a better service Walgreens to get Mitchells meds.  I wait in the car.
And wait
And wait
And wait.
Im dying out here.  I need a drink to take my meds.  They are going to bring me a drink.  In there more than an hour!  Christ !

Okay, I dont feel entirely better yeat.  I’ll finish this later…..



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  1. awww…  I hope you\’re feeling better soon. Sick men are just no fun at all…  Seriously, take your meds like you\’re supposed to, get lots of rest, and don\’t let it get the best of you.warm snuggles

  2. Well, at my house it isn\’t that bad yet I had planned a "me" day also since it was spring break.  That hasn\’t happened because my son has been sick for two days and now it\’s Friday which is filled with stuff to do so no "me" day.  I\’ve been trying to "cure" T at home because I figured the doctor was going to cost me at least $50 to tell me he\’s sick and give me some drug prescription to fill that will cost me another $40-60 bucks.  He is still coughing and sounds weezy but I think he can go back to school tomorrow. 

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