So My Whole Point Is.. .

March 17, 2006 at 5:11 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  I was sitting the car, sleeping, sitting, waiting.  I had no idea what time it was.  Wife took the keys with her, I guess so I wouldnt leave.  Like that would stop me.  Ha!  No way to tell the time.  I was going to call her, I didn thave my cell phone.
And isnt that some bullshit?  She’s probably a hundred feet away, inside the store, and I’m going to call her.  So I get up, get out, and go in.  They are sitting there, whihc is good, because I had the fleeting image of them both being abducted as they come out the store, and I didnt see it because I was asleep.  I’d like to see anyone try to abduct my son, sick or not, the big gorilla.  (He’s is 17, he’s 6 feet 6 inches, about 320 pounds.  Try to take him without getting hurt.  He’s also been lifting weights.)
So I mutter to myself and walk out, and as Im leaving, I hear them announce the name over the intercom, so I know it wont be long.  But I’ve had my meds since about 9:30 this morning, and have been waiting to take them.  I know that I respond really well to antibiotics, and the nurses all played up how supercharged this shit was, so I know, I know, if I can just get that first dose in me, I’ll start to feel better.
Finally, they come out, hand me a warm soda and I take the pill.  750 milligrams, the things are giantic.  It better work miracles if I have to choke down something that big.  I take the pill, Mitchell takes his, and we head home.  The wife drops us off and goes to pick up our daughter.  We go in, I take some advil–my body still hurts, all over, some decongestant, or whatever–
—-And you know, I just dont get it about all the cold and sinus and allergy medicines.  I’m a pretty smart guy, but when I have a headache, and Im sick, that is not the time to pick out a medicine.  Am I congested?  I dont really know.  Do I have a runny nose?  Maybe.  Is a runny nose the same as a stuffy nose?  It should be.  It has to be stuffy before it can be runny, right?  Or if its runny, there shouldnt be anything to make it stuffy?  Antihistamine?  For what now?  What works best for me is nyquil, cause I can take it, get a buzz, go to sleep, and not worry about it.
No nyquil left._—
So I take whatever is on the counter–cyanide, rat poison, whatever, take a piss, pop a Halls, strip down, and there I am in bed, again, like I have spent so much of my life the last few days.  But there is a shiny ray of hope.
I wake up about three hours later, and eat some pudding, and write the lasst article–feeling better.  Then I watch a little tv, but my head still hurts, and now, for some stupid reason, my knees hurt.  My fucking knees.  It’s about 9:00 pm, and I go back to bed. 
I wake up about three.  Everyone is asleep.  Im finally hungry, realized I had not eaten the previous day, except for the pudding.  Frozen Pizza Time.  But I definitely feel better, and this is still after just one dose.  I could be their spokesman, this shit rocks!  If it continues at this pace, after five days I fully expect to be superman with a hardon.
So I eat, watch a little DVD, and now Im here telling you. 
My spring break was a fucking bust.
My anniversrary–you all know how that went.
I used up all my PTO this week.
So it can only get better. 




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  1. I hope that you feel better. Honestly though you are soooo funny. I was having a medocre morning and your writing here liven\’ it up – like the part were you told your daughter that questioned why she wasn;t sick that she was a freak! I totally get the medicine thing too – your sick and head feels like mush and they expect you to make a decision between a thousand brands! It is terrible. Honestly the best thing for a sinus infection by the way is to let it RUN. Honest to goodness the other stuff dries it up in your sinuses and I had a not so pleasant experience with an archiaic machine in the ER regarding that mess – don\’t go there my friend! Just let it run all over the place and get out of your head! Sounds like truly crummy advice, but it works. If ya keep it in there anyway it then just moves to your chest if ya got working sinuses, unlike mine – better just to have snot all over ya then in ya! Hope you feel better. You should serious do comedy skits. You made me smile in the description of your cold – I\’m so sorry!!! – much caring, patti

  2. hahahah… Okey, sorry.. I know it\’s not funny that you\’re sick, but it just so happens that I have a-bane-of-egzistence screwed allergy too. Nothing works, so I just sit at home and want to die. Bahhh … (roll eyes)
    And yeah, I just realized that "someone" (ahheemm) was leaving comments after my pics 😀 thanks 🙂
    Get well soon. I really know how it feels 😦 😉

  3. I love Nyquil.. used to give it to my kids when they were little and wouldn\’t sleep, lol.  Okay, maybe I only wanted to.
    Anyway, glad you\’re feeling better
    hugs and tugs

  4. Nyquil is da BOMB baby *grins
    Horse pills.. hard to swallow.. but they def do their job!
    Hope u feel better soon~~~

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