Hostage Cream Pie

March 30, 2006 at 11:36 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments
I try to avoid topical blog entries, news, and things like that.  Unless it’s about me.  because it really is all about me.  Anyway, in Iraq the other day, Jill Carroll was released after being held hostage for three months.  No real reason was given for why she was captured or why she was released.  Are they fishing?  Catch and release?  Anyway, I imagine the conversation between her captors going something like this:

Let’s take a hostage
What do we want?
what are our demands?
I dont follow you.
when you take a hostage, you ask for something.
How about more sand?
We have plenty.
How about less sand?
Uh–They can’t fix that, not really.
How about–pork rinds?
We dont eat pork.  Or pork rinds.
We want. . . .cable?
You just dont get it, do you?
Can I get one of Saddam’s gold toilets?
Well, everyone else is taking a hostage, so I figured . . .
If everyone else went on a jihad, would you?
Hhm mm….probably.
Okay, bad example.  If everyone became a suicide bomber, would you?
Would it hurt?  Would I have to die?
You’re gonna have to let her go.
Can’t we at least trade her for some Mcdonald’s, or something?
Just go, and drop and her off, and don’t let her see your face.
So they can’t identify us?
Because it’s embarrassing.  



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  1. 😀 thanks, really. I needed a good lough :"D
    how is you?

  2. now that\’s  funny. I\’m laughing. Am too!
    dumb and dumber do Iraq.
    hugs and tugs

  3. That was too funny!  LMAO funny!  
    Hope you\’ve been well.  Stop over and see me when you get a chance.  I\’ve been trying to write some more thoughtful things than I started out with.  I think early on I wasn\’t really sure how to put my thoughts down, knowing everyone out there could read them.  It can be kind of intimidating.  At least for me!  😉

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