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April 4, 2006 at 6:52 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments
I just went up to school (in fact, I’m there right now) and took care of some graduation stuff.  Got measured for my cap and gown, then signed up for the exit assessment test.
The guy in the office at the assessment testing center was very nice.  Some very slight, unidentifiable accent.  We got on the particular subject of France.  How did that happen?  Let’s see if I can recreate this:
  I asked what was the test like, he said reading, which is very simple.  I said, I can read.  He said test used to be random, you could wind up with either math or reading or social studies.  Math, not a problem for me.  He recalled some students that were very good in math, but from China, with limited English comprehension, and so were stuck with basic math because of it.
  I said, it does make sense. You have to be able to read and comprehend.  I didnt want to live in a dual language country, with dual language signage cluttering everywhere.  Like Quebec.  He said he had lived in Quebec.  He also said he was from Spain, had been in this countyr over 30 years.  He said Quebec is supposed to be bilingual, but they look down on the people who speak English.
  I laughed and said, sounds like France.  I had heard recently that most people in Europe, like my Envious Bunny friend, speak English as a second language.  Except the French.
  He said, listen, I am from Spain. I’ve been to Germany many times, and Italy, and the rest of Europe.  Every where in Europe you go, if you speak English, it will be spoken back to you, and understood, generally.  Not in France.  If you speak English to them, they will give you a dirty look and respond in French.  They understand English.  He said the Spaniard, my countrymen, do not like the French.  The Germans, the Italians, they do not like the French.  The English, of course, do not like the French either.
  They are generally–and he said, it is different in the countryside in France, people are nice, but in the cities, like Paris–they are arrogant and aristocratic, and look down their French noses at everyone.  They believe their culture and society is superior to everyone else’s, and they resent the fact that no one else thinks so.
  It was great to talk to someone from another country, and get a worldly perspective.  Plus, he seemed genuinely happy to be in this country, and to be an American now.  I walked away smiling, which I haven’t done in a few days, I think.
Viva la United States, you French fucks.
I had some other stuff here, a point I was trying to make to a friend.  Decided not to. Except to say this:
Karl, do you understand now why I am not changing the story I wrote?
(no frogs were harmed in the writing of this article, although some may have had their feelings hurt.)


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  1. i heard that about the french, as well.  too bad.  it\’s their loss.  they\’re like
    egomaniacs with inferiority compelexes…

  2. lol.. it\’s because most of them are short!

  3. when I was young (10 or so) and skiing I got stuck on a gondola in this secluded part of France. literally the huge thing stopped and for almost an hour I was stuck with some of the meanest people I have ever encountered – most were French and I remember thinking – this is a sucky mood to die in! Literally I was less pissed about the near death experience as I was how it was going down. LOL. plus now that I think of it the man (tall man) squashed up against me had gas. That wasn\’t helping. But as I turned green I did manage to make my friend giggle which of course was harshly reprimanded in French by some other guy. Gosh there was like 40 people in that thing. Truly fond random memory. LOL.  – hope you are well – congratulations on graduation! – patti   

  4. Nice post, but you already know that 😛
    Patti: have you considered that other ppl were scared too? You don\’t want to talk to me when I\’m nervious maybe only if you have a death wish.

  5. The only thing I like about France is the Tour de France.  I wanted to leave a comment so as to make it into your base.  So here it is!  No rush in visiting mine right now…things are somewhat boring right now. 
    This is a fun stop…Cindy

  6. bahhh… i know you didn\’t mean it. I actually love when you\’re ranting.
    this time "unf*…" would be like, "i\’m not stressed just really alert. talk to you later". though the guy was in shock. girls don\’t behave like that normaly, but was that normal situation? And really thanks, i just love beeing silly.

  7. Plus, he seemed genuinely happy to be in this country, and to be an American now. 
    Well, that is refreshing to hear! 

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