Watch Me Pull a Rabbit out Of My Hat, Rocky

April 7, 2006 at 10:38 PM | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
I mean, and now, for something completely different, some random thoughts.
Yanni no hit
Yanni no slap
Yanni no crack lip
Or other things like that

Apparently his lawyer is Dr Seuss

If the dead came back to life, and they were flesh eating zombies, I would probably start eating human flesh too, just so I wouldn’t be different.  I’m a team player.

Katie Kouric from the Today show is replacing Dan Rather on the CBS evening news, and Meredith Viera from the View  is Replacing Katie Kouric.  And Dan Rather is replacing Meredith Viera on the View.

I wanted to be a redhead a few years ago.  It may be too late for that now.  It would be easier to shave my balding head, and paint my skull red.

 If an alligator had no legs, it would be a snake.  An angry, slow moving snake.



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  1. Thanks for being there for me last night.   In my hours of computer misery you helped me to lift the black curtain and realize that life can go on even when you\’ve most likely killed your best friend.
    Actually…. I spilled on my keyboard and you entertained me while I was waiting… too scared to shut it down… to see if I had destroyed my laptop.   The verdict is still out.
    But in the midst of this potential tragedy… you made me laugh out loud.   Thanks so much!

  2. I dont really know what to say even if i want to… I\’m brain-dead today. bahh, so… saw a movie and there was a scene:

    The man asked the priest :
    ‘Why do you always answer to my question with another question?’
     and the priest says : ‘Why shouldn’t I?’
    The same situation is here. people just can\’t give a straight \’yes\’ or \’no\’ and are confusing me to death…
    Hope all is alright there? 🙂

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