A conversation I Had This Morning:

May 1, 2006 at 8:33 AM | Posted in The Corporate World | 6 Comments
How was traffic this morning?
What do you mean?
How was traffic?  You know.  Traffic.
I don’t–I don’t participate in that.
Yeah.  I don’t "do" traffic.
What are you talking about?  If you come to work, you have traffic.
I’m not a part of it.  It exists "outside" of me.  Traffic is a worldly concept, and I am beyond these things.
How long does it take you to get to work?
Time has no mean–
I’m not sure.  I get in the car, I meditate, I arrive.  It’s all very spiritual.  
Come on.  There are cars in front of you, behind you, all over.
In front, perhaps.  There is no "behind."
You are weirding me out.
I removed my mirrors because it’s more soothing if I don’t see what is behind me.  It’s all very feng shui.
I hope you’re kidding.
Don’t look back.  That’s how I roll.
I don’t do this on purpose, it just happens. .. .  .


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  1. Deep meaningful conversations on a level few people can appreciate
    or comprehend
    Kim: what is the meaning of life, Bry?
    Bryan: I am. You are. It is.
    Kim: hmmm,  yeah
    LOL…  and this is another reason you\’re one of the most interesting people I\’ve ever met and yet not met
    hugs and all the good stuff

  2. I think that I was behind that person this morning…. they drive slow in the fast lane and it angers my inner child.

  3. i feel the same way about brussel sprouts.  Let them talk the green smack down – they\’re not there, I don\’t believe in them and they stay the hell out of my way.

  4. the 9th…\’61
    too damn funny…. and not
    especially  if the year\’s the same
    hugs and all the good stuff

  5. hmm.. must be that ol\’ age eyesight playin up on ya.. you ARE on my fave list!  It\’s under \’Whiney Man Pizza Pirate who Requires Fave List Ego Strokin\’  *big-ass grinnnnn

  6. Just poppin in to say what\’s up?  Hope all is well!

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