Pretty in Pink

May 4, 2006 at 2:27 PM | Posted in Journal | 11 Comments
   We just had chinese food for lunch, and I opened my fortune.  You’re not supposed to open them until you’re done eating, and if you are with a group, the tradition is that someone will ask you a question, about yourself or some related topic, and then you will receive the answer.  Since I ate by myself in my cube, I had no question on my mind when I opened it.  Except, I suppose, the question everyone has on their mind…
  "Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
  "Who’s the fairest of them all?"
  When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised.  Another very accurate–eerily accurate–synopsis of my current situation.  I have had these before, and I swore I would keep these fortunes, but now, I wonder where they are.
  The first one that I really remember was shortly after I moved to the metro area with my parents.  Raised in the country, this was a new environment for me.  Plus college, and everything along with that, was occassionally overwhelming.  I was alone, too, and wondering how to cope.    The fortune that I got one day said:  "You are clever and very adaptable."  That helped.  That gave me motivation, albeit directionless.  It reminded me that I am pretty smart, and I know how to deal, and therefore I dealt.
  The next one I got that I remember was when I had just broken up with my old girlfriend (and she is old, too! ba-dump-ching!) and I was out with this new girl, soon to be my fiance.  So we were out for lunch on a Saturday with her and two of her friends, at the same chinese food buffet that I got the previous fortune from.  Everything had just changed for me.  I wasn’t hanging out with the same crowd, because they were all associated with my old girlfriend.  Not hanging out with the drug crowd, either.  This was as close to normal as a day may have ever been for me.
  The fortune said:  "A new chapter in your life is beginning."  Swear to God it did.
  There was another one, which I wish I would have kept, that rang true as well, but I lost it, and can’t for the life of me remember what it was or even what it was about.  But this new one I got today replaces it.  It rings true.  It was a great fortune.  I showed it to everyone, and they all laughed.  I  don’t see what is so funny about it, I thought it was wonderful.  I’m keeping it.
  It said, "You look pretty."
. . …you know what, you can stop laughing too.


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  1. thanks, I needed a laugh.  You do look pretty! I saw you through the window looking at me getting dressed this morning!

  2. um, yeah
    sure that\’s what you asked
    you\’re a dork, Bryan
    but a pretty one  : )
    hugs and all that jazz

  3. All so pretty!! I love it! I love even more that you showed it around! You go! I just got over hysterically laughing at Blue and your traffic conversation. Honestly, you make me smile all the time! Thank you!!! -patti

  4. Am I the only one who doesn\’t have a wordly idea how you look :p
    But the cookie says it all i guess …
    and yeah,.. missyoutoo…much
    I\’m trying, (really….) to write to you but i\’m simply too tired or not even near my house.
    oh well. wait for the bad times. i\’m always here when they come 😛 😀

  5. He\’s so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, oh so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyy just as pretty as pretty can beeeeeeeeeeee!!! hehehehahahohohohoho
    Loved this one *grins

  6. woohooooo my own lil furry ball o\’ sunshine.. what could possibly brighten my day ANY more?? LOL  that just cracked me up.. ty darlin\’  hehehehehe
    and ty for all the advice stuffs.  I do know my way (quite well unfortunately) around who helps out with what around my vicinity.  I\’m just holding off until the end.. cuz right now tho it\’s tough, I\’m not penniless til the unemp runs out.. and I wouldn\’t dream of taking any benefits away at this point from anyone who might need them more so than we do.  However, if no job comes thru by the time unemp ceases.. I\’ll be makin\’ my rounds. (ugghhhhhhhhhh) HOPEFULLY it won\’t come down to that.. and I do pray and yes we belong to a church.. but it\’s a new church and they offer only a food bank at this point, which we don\’t need.. yet lol 
    Hugs you lil furball u!

  7. bonjour again,
    looking for advise. My blogs are trackbacked, but i think that some idiots just trying to get a free commercial. Should I delete them?  

  8. Hope everything is OK for you to start a new chapter in your life.

  9. Are you a writer? You words are so dazzling. Sorry for defending you if you feel so. I\’m a Chinese, not that familiar with English. I visit here via Mona\’s blog. I feel she is really sweet!
    If you have time, welcome to write to me. =)

  10. the last line of your comment was the best :"D you\’ll get some people p*ssed and me happy 😀 😛

  11. oh so pretty…..    just popping in to play catch up!

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