Long and Winded Road

May 19, 2006 at 12:38 PM | Posted in Personal | 9 Comments
Starting in 1983:
6 credits from Kaskaskia community college (now called something else)
9 credits from SIU-Carbondale (out of 24 that I took)
65 hours at St louis comm college (out 106 attempted)
Out of 136 attempted hours, I finished and passed 80.  Of those 80, 65 apply towards my degree.  Actually more, because my two 5 hour calc classes surplant the two three-hour math requirement.
My GPA went from a 1.4 when I flunked out in 1986 to a 3.5.  I just got my grades for this sememster,A’s in both classes.  I was on the Dean’s list.  Since I’ve been back, nothing but A’s.
Tonight, I graduate.


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  1. Rockin\’! Congradulations!! You have pulled through and did so excellently!!! Dean\’s list! Stand tall!!! -patti 🙂

  2. Wooohooooo Congratulations Darlin\’!!  Tell me.. did you go nekkie under that cap \’n gown?  Did ya? huh huh? 
    Send pics! lol
    Congratulations on the long hard road.. you did extremely well! 

  3. Congrat, Mona

  4. impressive! it\’s a great accomplishment sweetie! wish I could have been there.. . your very own groupie!!!
    hugs, love, and sneaking a peak under the gown..woo hooo! impressive 🙂

  5. WOOHOO! A Great Accomplishment! You should be proud! Congratulations!

  6. Again~ great accomplishment !!!
    I\’ve kind of gone the long route (25 yrs) to my degree also – now I\’m $742- away from my BA in General Studies – LOL
    a tad off subject here but you asked about using stuff from my site …it\’s all good as long as you give credit where credit\’s due – there\’s a lot of smart people out in cyber space [you being one of them] & I try to make sure they get credit for their work.
    As always, Love, Mona

  7. Congrats to you.  SIU Carbondale?  Baby that isn\’t too far from me!  Ain\’t it a small world!

  8. Congrats!  Finally…now what are ya gonna do?? hahahaha.  People have been asking me that and I don\’t have a clue.  Job looking (I\’m not "hunting" because I\’m not desperate for $ yet we get along fine without me) and spring cleaning.  I just finished painting the master bedroom, now I need to do the livingroom LOL

  9. Sorry I didn\’t see this sooner! 
    Big Congratulations on graduating!  I still have a couple more years to go. 
    Two jobs and making the dean\’s list!  You\’re an inspiration! 

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