Pondering the InPonderables

May 24, 2006 at 9:17 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments
Is it inponderable, or unponderable, or is either one even a word?
That’s not the question, though.  The question is, if I have Chex Snack Mix, can I add milk to it and have it for breakfast?  It’s the Sweet and Salty, hard to pass up.
disponderable.. . . .imponderable–
As you can see, I have pondered this for a while


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  1. Hey there!  Just stoppin by to see how life is treatin\’ ya!  Peace out!

  2. yes
    because you\’re Bryan
    you do what you want
    (but c\’mone.. do you really want soggy pretzels?)
    hugs love and special treats
    oh, and sweetheart.. I think you\’re making words up. inponderable? unponderable? is ponderable even a word??? lol… yep, you\’re a keeper so I think I might

  3. A bigger question: pre-nup…or prenup?
    Hell no, you can\’t have half my stuff!
    (and if we\’re making up words, I prefer "uberponderable")

  4. I used the word imbelieveable today – I know unbelieveable, but im had more punch kind of like impossible imbelieveable! Yes, actually chocolate milk is what I reccommend. GO for it. -patti 

  5. Where ya been ya snob?? lol j/k I\’ve been \’away\’ about a wk now myself..
    Just stoppin by to say hey

  6. I agree w/ Kim tho.. soggy pretzels? ewww.. at least pull those out first lol

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