Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Cheese

May 25, 2006 at 8:47 AM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | 1 Comment
  I had a dream the other night.  One of a theme, that I have had pretty often.  Haven’t had one in a while, so this one caught me by surprise. 
  I used to always dream about Domino’s Pizza.  I worked there for 16 years, so it would seem only natural, you think?  Well I don’t know.  Truth be told, I’ve been married for eighteen years, I can count on one hand the number of times my wife has appeared in a dream.  That I can remember.  It may be more, but not much more.  Is that strange?  Am I a sociopath?
  My dreams involving Domino’s are generally nightmares.  When I became a manager, well, the stress was incredible.  And I managed back in the old days, when we had a 30 minute guarantee.  By and large, people are starting to forget that.  Lord, I hope so.
  Some of my dreams in the past would generally involve getting my ass kicked on a biblical scale.  I would come into the store, and there would be not one makeline and oven, but twenty, and pies woere coming out of all of them.  And it was just me.  Things like that.  In this dream I had last night, I agreed, for some reason, to become manager of the store that I had actually started at, back in 19 and 86.  Now, since then, the store has been moved and rebuilt, but in my dream, it was the original one, built into a crumbling strip mall, with a fading grocery store on one end and a bar at the other.
  I walk in to take the place over, and its a disaster.  Food, equipment, supplies, everywhere.  employees walking around doing whatever they want, which is mostly leaving with free pizzas.  I remember one of my famous lines that I would use when I would get repeated requests for free pizza:  "This is not the Domino’s Pizza Unlimited Salad Bar and Buffet!"
  I go to the walkin, to check it out.  It is huge.  Cavernous.  Bigger than the store, actually.  All of the food, instead of being in boxes and containers on shelves, is in piles on the floor.  Piles of sausage, piles of mushrooms, piles of cheese.  Everywhere.  Cheese.  People are coming in and out of the back door of the walkin, which leads to the outside.  Generally, this does not exist in real life.
  As I come out of the walkin, I see a driver leaving with a stack of pizzas.  On a run?  No.
  He says to me as leaves, "I quit.  Pies are up."  That last is what you say when pizzas come out of the oven.    I look, and the pizzas are falling off the conveyor onto the floor.  The phone starts ringing, more orders.
  And then I wake up.  That is typical.  Having said that, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t dream about my wife much, yes?
  I would, as I’m about to go to sleep, or worse, wake up with, the nagging feeling that I had pizzas to make.  In the kitchen.  My kitchen.  I would have to manually talk myself down.  I’m at home.  Domino’s is closed.  No pizzas in the kitchen.  No pizzas to make.  No drivers on runs.  It’s six am.  Put the pizza cutter down and go back to sleep.
  Generally I would wake up hungry for pizza. . .

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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm PIZZA
    Over the years I\’ve come to anunderstanding with myself : when I start dreaming about my job it\’s time to look for a new one ; which was great when I was young, but not so good now :$
    My oldest son works for Pizza Hut in NC (parttime) & his brother(my 2nd child) worked for Dominio\’s in MO (parttime til a month ago).
    Gee B~ now that you\’re a scholar are thinking about QUITTING ? Is that what the dream is saying?
    a side note : I haven\’t had pizza in almost 2 yrs…..send coupons 🙂

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