To a “T”

May 31, 2006 at 8:53 AM | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments
Ten words, starting with the same letter, and what they mean to me.  My
letter is "T."
Temptation:  Why is this on my mind?
Twisted:  I might be.  We all might be.  Who’s to say who is, and who
isn’t.  If I used to be, but aren’t anymore, does that make me
Today:  Live for today?  Today is the last day of the rest of your life?
 I mean the first.  Freudian slip?  Hard to say, exactly.  I do know,
that for all the promise the present holds, it is not as precious as the
past or the future.  The past holds great memories, the future holds
great promise, and the now is just there, waiting to become one or the
other.  "Jam yesterday, and jam tomorrow, but NEVER Jam today."
Travel:  For the most part, I like to stay where I am.  But when I get
the urge to travel, it’s a strong urge.  I just need to go.  Then, I
need to come back, because only at home, I’ve learned, is where I can
lay around in my underwear.  That’s why it’s called home, I guess.
Time:  Is on my side?  Used to be, but now time is slippin, slippin,
slippin on into the future.
Torn:  Some things are carved in stone.  Others, scribbled in eraseable
marker.  How I feel about some things, how I feel about others.  I’m
torn, I suppose, over the permanence of my feelings.
Trivial:  My problems, in the big scheme of things.
Trials:  Nevertheless, I occassionally still feel like Job.
Truly:  Truly, madly, deeply.
Togetherness:  Something I used to have, just not right now.  "Jam
What now?  You have to comment, and then I give you a letter?  Sounds like freakin communism to me.
First person to comment gets the letter "C."


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  1. I\’ll be the first to comment, I just hope I can think of ten things that begin with the letter C.  Can I ask for help?…lol

  2. I had the help of, so I cheated a little bit…lol
    Everything is real.  I\’m well over the age of 18. 

  3. i liked that. But you lay around in your underwear at home? I lay around naked if I feel the urge.  LOL

  4. read your comments on Katrina\’s site, you really don\’t want to see some of my pics if you likes hers.  LOL

  5. I made sure someone got the letter C before I posted. lol
    I liked your T\’s
    I am going to NY for a few years. My daughter remarried and they need to build a room for me. Since Katrina, my son-in-law has been working on repairing his house, once the inside is complete he will start on a room or apartment for me.  But everything still takes a lot of time down here and of course the prices on everything has gone up.
    I will stay with a brother and his family in Upstate NY.  I leave June 3rd and won\’t be online for a week or two. 
    You don\’t seem too rude to me.  🙂

  6. I liked that it made me laugh. Thank you.

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