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June 27, 2006 at 10:54 AM | Posted in Notes on Society | 7 Comments
  You should always follow your dreams, right?  I had a dream once. . ..
  Yeah, actually I’ve had several dreams.  I get ideas, lots of them.  If I had a nickel for every idea–and look, some of them are good, worth some money, so someone would make out ahead.  But honestly.  Let’s see.  I have an idea on the average every 30 seconds.  That’s a dime every minute. . ..that’s six bucks an hour.
  Maybe having ideas doesn’t pay so well, after all.  Crap.  Anyway, one idea I had that I thought, at least, was pretty great, would have been a cooking show.  Hosted by yours truly.  (That would be me.)
  Cause when I was a manager at Domino’s Pizza, we had just gotten cable, and there was a veritable plethora of useless and redundant shows and channels.  (The Open Sore Channel?  Artic Circle Live Feed?  The Pavement Network?  I sure hope no one got paid more than a nickle for those ideas.  Christ.)
  Rachael Ray wasn’t around then, which is too bad.  I like the one where she does 40 bucks a day in some country.  But I like it more when she is just prancing around her own kitchen, cooking.  What a tasty little treat she is.  She just seems so perky, yet soft and voluptuous, she wears those tight jeans so you can get a good shot of her butt, and those lips. . .I’d just like to smother her in marinara and —
  Hmmm. .. .
  Oh, shit, where was I?  And why do I have parmesan cheese all over my face?
  But my idea for a show came from working in a restaurant.  If you have ever worked in one you know that even though there is a set menu, with little variation, but sometimes special requests can be accomodated–it is still a completely different story for the employees.
  Some full service restaurants have it easier, there are more possibilities.  Try a pizza place, though, with only the items to make pizza, and only a pizza oven.  What other things can you come up with?  I wanted to travel to different restaurants, and even fast food joints, and explore the creativity in the kitchen.
  At Domino’s, we cooked steak in the oven.  No big deal.  We also made mushroom gravy, in the oven.  I’ve baked 20 dozen christmas cookies before, in less time than you could do 4 dozen at home. 
  As long as it wasn’t for a customer, we would create all kinds of things.  A program showcasing that would give people a greater appreciation for what goes on in a restaurant, even a fast-food kitchen.  As well as give restauranteurs new ideas.
  I would be the charming and beloved host, traveling from place to place, city to city, traveling the land like a vagabond with a camera crew and production team.  Restaurant owners would trip over themselves to be on the show.  I would chat and fuck around with the employees, let them show their wares, try to duplicate them, have a lot of fun. 
  My personality would be what carries the show.


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  1. your funny. I don\’t like Rachel ray too much, I do like her 40 dollars a day tho, I like to see the places she goes. To me she is just too perky and it annoys me…. LOL

  2. LOL @ your obsession w/ Rachel 😛  I\’m a foodnetwork JUNKIE..that\’s all there is to it.. and I\’ve dreamed of doing a catering kinda thing.. but that means culinary school..and that takes $$.. *sighhh
    Your show would ROCK tho…especially if you throw in the F**** word here n there.. *grins
    You gonna come visit me or just keep being a snob?  I pour my heart out to you after the post of you ending things.. and nothin.. nada.. zilch… uhhu I see how it is.. pfffffttttttttttttt 😛
    Hugs anyway ya doofus,

  3. I have a feeling that you could do any thing you dream of – I think though just to add my two cents that like some shows including Rachel – they have a magazine and well, I think you would be an amazing travel writer and, thus as stated dream here, a food critic/discoverer! I mean how fun could that be!!!? I think great. Many of the things you like remind me of the things that I get a kick out of and that makes me think you would love photography as well. Did you ask my opinion? – no, but I\’m just so darn good at keeping my thoughts to myself!
    I have just caught up with your entries. I hope you are doing okay. I am sorry that this process is probably hard for you but I am impressed and hope that you feel great about how good you are at thinking of possibilities and solutions to situations.
    You are in my thoughts – woshing you the best- patti

  4. sorry not "woshing" LOL!!! haha I don\’t even want to imagine what that made up word could mean… I meant "wishing" ,of course, the best – patti

  5. Hey so I came by to read a bit…
    Great place ya got here !
    Sounds like you do have some shit goin\’ on though huh?
    I feel for you…sympathize and empathize really…

  6. My dream come true..40 dozen in time for christmas..I can only imagine it!!! What a hoot this show would be..I would watch it..didn\’t ROCCO have a show..heh heh he didnt give a crap about what was going on in there, he was hardly ever in the place…it was a front for his humongous EGO..HIs poor momma making those meatballs! I have catered and I have party planned and it\’s a frickin nightmare believe picnic..Martha WHO?? she makes it look easy cause she has umpteen people working for her doing it all in the food prep. I know she has done some of it herself but pullllllese nowdays she is the pampered princess..needs another dose of ALDERSON to bring her back to reality. I bet you could do anything you put your mind to..anything at all..DREAMS DO COME TRUE ..just ask..RACHAEL RAY…she was a nobody til OPRAH found her..oh no that wasnt OPRAH it was the food network..right….so now she is network this fall you can watch her everyday on her own show …will be lilke heaven for ya I am sure! Did you send for the lifesiize poster of her yet? YOU DO KNOW she is MARRIED right..dream on..LOL… Suppose if the corporate found out you were baking cookies in there you would have gotten canned? LOL what the heck else did you get away with I am dying to know!!!??? HAH… good to visit with ya..Have a great 4th of JULY..gas  went to 3.10 here big whoop now we stay home!!    :  ) 

  7. "My personality would be what carries the show."
    Well, of course it would!  😉 
    I love Rachael Ray, and can\’t wait for her new show to start!  One of the dishes I make when we have Dh\’s kids is one of her recipies.  It\’s called "Chicken & Biscuits", and she did it on Oprah back during the holiday season.  The kids love it, and it\’s easy & delish!
    Don\’t give up on your dreams!  Isn\’t that one of the "How To Live" rules?  Oh, yeah, it was don\’t laugh at someone else\’s dream!  I\’m not laughing!!! 

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