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July 14, 2006 at 7:38 AM | Posted in Notes on Society | 11 Comments
Well, kids, today is Bastille Day.  Anyone know what that is?  Well, it is the last day of record that the French are known to have had any balls.  This is a big day of celebration for them.  Happy Bastille Day, Frogs!
I think I have finally acclimatized to the Monday thru Friday work gig.  It took over a year.  I still work at the restaurant on Saturday, but it doesn’t really count.  But this getting up at 5:20 am bullshit–fuck me running.  I don’t drink coffee either, even though my dad is trying to pimp it off on me, like crack.
I’ve been working alot of overtime anyway, and then with leaving the wife, I don’t have any compelling reason to go. . . anywhere.  I still feel like a visitor, like I’m camping out, at my dad’s.  Then there is my night job a few nights a week.  Wednesday I went to a wedding.  Been getting to bed around midnight or later. 
By Friday, by the time I get home–or wherever the hell it is that I’m going–all I want to do is sleep.  Is the big singles life I’ve been looking forward to?  Christ.  Gonna be hard to pick up chicks while I’m napping, huh?
Just to be clear, and this is my rationale:  I didn’t leave her to date other women.  I think.  But I definitely did leave to get away from her.
Thanks again, by the way to all of you who left kind words.  Except Kim.  You’re a freak.  Maybe you’re just jealous because I did it and you didn’t?  Hmm?  Well?  I know you’re just teasing me.  Bitch.  If I ever get my hands on you, you are in for a spanking, you brat.
Speaking of getting my hands on it, being naturally horny doesn’t help.  Was it Mona who commented that it’s hard to think about anything but sex?  How will I know the difference between before, when I obsessed about sex, and now, when I over-obsess about it? 
And while you are answering that question for me, can you stand still so I can hump your leg?


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  1. umm… ok.. but I might need to shave my legs first.. hehe
    Time to invest in a good bottle of astroglide eh?  *grins

  2. blah blah blah sex blah blah blah blow job blah blah blah spank me blah blah blah…  I don\’t think I heard you, what did you say?
    I\’m a brat and you\’re gonna spank me?????
    well what the hell…??? you\’re getting a bit cocky, aren\’t you???
    jesus h. christ! you whine when I\’m nice,  you whine when I\’m not… make up my fucking mind, would ya?
    oh, but for the record.. if you ever get your hands on me… trust me on this one.. a spanking is the last thing you\’d be giving me. ya horndog. think about that when you\’re going to sleep tonight.
    ha ha ha …  goddamn- I can be a tease, can\’t I???? ha ha ha ha ha….yeah, I crack me up.
    hugs and all that crap

  3. ok so I added u on my msn msgr so..if u use it.. and see some weird person say hi.. that\’d be me *grins

  4. Hi Oldest…I\’m stopping by…again.  I used to have you on my favorite list, but if I remember correctly, you made a post saying you were quitting…forgive me if I\’m incorrect.  I remember reading about you breaking up with your woman and felt it was the right thing.   I didn\’t comment, because I didn\’t "know" you.  But anyway, thanks for stopping by.  You must be a great guy, seeing you know the same people that I do!  LOL.
    I"ll be back…I can\’t really read too much now…too many MGD\’s !  You know it is Friday night, in Wisconsin!  Later, Cindy

  5. You know what I say? Fuck the french. Well, I\’d say it in French, but I don\’t know how so: FUCK. the french. not-supporting-us-in-the-u.n.-assholes, anyway.
    And since we\’re being honest (aren\’t we? Am I the only one, again?), how come every-fuckin\’-body knows your real name and I think of you as genXer? huh? HUH???

  6. HAHA!!!Yep need to shave my legs too  – might cut yourself!!
    You are doing great, and yes, if we were neighbors the door would be open and you are welcome to try to make something outta the exotic healthy food I am now trying to eat! I have no idea what the heck to do with it! I actually had to ask the produce guy how to eat/cut a mango!! He looked at me like I was from mars, what can I say? – my dad liked meat and potatoes – the produce section is filled with stuff that looks like it is from mars too and i\’m trying desperately to sit down and eat rather than eat pop-tarts out of the box on the run!! i brought tofu – cause I have no idea how to cook chicken – there seem to be so many rules about that stuff and anything, like chicken, that the cashier needs to wipe their hands with purell after touching gives me the hibby-gee-bees. Anyway the tofu – there is this foul liquid that it is stored in nearly made me gag when I nearly took off my arm cutting the package with a knife and it squirted in my eye!! Sorry but the salad bar at the resturant doesn\’t make it look like that! I am a domestic goddess this is for sure! But the fridge is full – come on in – I\’m just dying to know what you are going to make of it!!
    As far as feeling homeless – ENJOY it! i know it is easy to say but I often feel homeless somewhat by choice. My palms still sweat from the committment (spelling? I can\’t even spell the word for heaven\’s sakes!) of signing a lease on an apt! I still look at the real estate section though in the paper – longing for the home that screams "this IS it!!" I truly miss having a family home  – it feels weird sometimes. I still miss my childhood home something fierce. Somehow though this all gets okay and I think when I sit outside that everywhere is pretty much home and that\’s a good thing. I feel like a nomadic advenurer! Try thinking of it as a great adventure. It helps and in fact I think it has made me live a bit more fully. If you need a buddy just think of me as a fellow nomad, just that I got off on a different bus, the short one…haha, and happened into a different town! – but I\’m here. Hang in there. You are doing great and even when you have those low moments remember you are doing great. my best -patti
    p.s. sorry this is another long comment! 🙂 

  7. Well hell B~
    If I\’ve got to shave …the hump\’s off [wink] and  if you\’ve got time to nap you\’ve got time to dream up the perfect woman…you\’re good with words .
    "Speaking of getting my hands on it" now isn\’t that why you shower soooo often….- hahahahaha

  8. ok slowpoke.. ever check ur email? lol

  9. Wow, a lot has happened since I last checked. I\’m sorry you are going through this but, everyone really should be with someone who treats them well. If not, then alone is better.
    My experience is they don\’t change. Oh they\’ll try for a bit, but, like you said, they end up resenting it and then reverting.
    I hope you find a place near the kids, that\’s who\’s important.
    As far as sex goes. I hope when the time comes you find someone who it means just as much to them as it does to you. I can say being in a relationship where the other one doesn\’t want it,… it really is hard to think about anything else. When you have a strong sex drive, you need someone else with a strong sex drive. (I\’m about ready to start pulling cowboys off of the street!) LOL
    Take care, and BIG HUGS, Steph

  10. BRYAN…..Stop that !!! ~ NOW PUT THAT MAGAZINE DOWN AND GET OUT OF THE BATHROOM … I\’ve got to go!!!!!!

  11. Mona, if you would just hold still  for one damn minute, I wouldn\’t need to go in the bathroom with a magazine. . . .

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