5 things you get in trouble for in heaven

August 14, 2006 at 8:03 AM | Posted in Entertainment | 3 Comments


I had been tagged, and in fact, I asked for it. You want to know more about me? This questionaire should do it. The depth of the questions intrigued me, and I realized I had much to share that perhaps you did not know. Look at the bottom and see if you are one of the ones I have tagged to do this test yourself.

5 things in my freezer:

somebody’s head (previous tenant)
beaker of sperm (my own)
squirrels (4)
2.5 kilos of coarse cocaine
cookies and cream ice cream

5 things in my purse:

condoms (extra large)
tampons, super
American Express card with one edge sharpened (don’t ask why)
secret disc

5 things in my closet (which probably don’t belong there, but that’s where it’s been thrown) LOL
latent homosexuality
family secrets
bowling ball
easel w/ unfinished masterpiece, painted over an actual masterpiece
7 cases of toilet paper

5 things on my desk
glue that I had been sniffing
89 DVD’s of homemade porn purchased on EBay
rat droppings
shot glasses
a small bonfire

5 people I’ve tagged to play along:
Heinrich Himmler
Queen of England
A homeless guy
Courtney Love


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  1. Remind me never to eat at your house, except for the ice cream…  And do you really need that much toilet paper?  Scary, very scary!!! lol

  2. I find the purse and bonfire the most upsetting.  However, this is the best list I\’ve read.  No surprise!  Thanks for the chuckle.

  3. ok yeah i was tagged to do this awhile ago and I forgot, but who wants to know whats in my stuff. Ummm stuff. That\’s why it\’s mine.

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