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August 28, 2006 at 9:43 AM | Posted in Journal | 1 Comment
 We now take you from the middle east for our top local headlines.
An unidentified man in Missouri was ejected from his house by his estranged soon to be ex on Saturday.  Reports indicate that he was just trying to retrieve some belongings and she threatened to call the police.  No arrests were made.
In a related story, a domestic squabble in Michigan may lead to a departure soon.  Film at 11.  Jerry Springer will have the story at 11:30.
This morning, two men were seen taking a large dog to the humane society and dropping it off.  Afterwards, the men were seen hugging.  No charges are sought.
Sunday night in Missouri, an unidentified man was seen driving around several local neighborhoods, in an obvious attempt to appear to be delivering food, but was in fact stalking several women.  No charges were filed; several of the women asked for the man’s phone number.  They said (quote): "He looks pretty damn cool.  Is he taken?"  Yes, ladies, he is.
And also, late Saturday night, a local man, 41, was observed arriving at his father’s house at 2 am.  He wasn’t drunk, but did appear to be lonely.  Witnesses heard him say, "This is just temporary!  I have my own place, honest!  I get my apartment Friday!  My girlfriend is moving in with me!"  To date, this remains unconfirmed conjecture.
And in weather. .. Tonights forecast:  Dark.  Continued dark through most of the night, with widely scattered light in the morning.
That’s the news… . and you’re not.


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  1. That cracks me up………continued dark and widely scattered light in the morning..did you think that up  yourself? HAHAHH!!  Poor ole bry just biding his time til his
    BABy shows up hahah!  :  )

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