Are You Impaired in Some Way?

October 13, 2006 at 10:32 AM | Posted in Notes on Society | Leave a comment
   What a shame.  Air America, that paragon of truth, justice, and the socialist way, has filed for bankruptcy.  Hopefully they can get protection from the federal government, like the airlines.  After all, they provide a valuable service.  How else would we know what a horrible place this country is, how wrong every single policy we have is, and how ruthless, despotic dictators who routinely, daily, kill, torture, control enslave, and starve their people are actually wonderful people deserving our respect and admiration, and how everything we have ever done as a nation is wrong.  It’s especially important to get the unbiased truth out, about the fact that even though the economy is great, unemployment is low, and things are bright and shiny in America, that since they support a socialist, secular agenda and can’t make any headway in middle America because most of us don’t have our heads up our asses.
Air America:  America sucks!  Government, can you support us with tax money so we can continue to get our fair, unbiased message out?
Government:  Uh, look, I don’t think so.  We believe in capitalism.  Sink or swim. 
Air America:  We provide a necessary service to the people.  That’s censorship!  That’s unfair!  America sucks!  Are you sure you can’t help? 
Government:  Sorry.  No.
Air-Am:  What about Fox News?  You support them!  (self-assured smugness)
Gov:  They support themselves, through advertising.  They have viewers.  Lots of them.  That’s how it works.
Air-Am:  What about the fairness doctrine?  That’s not fair! (stomps feet)
Gov:  Crybabies.  The fairness doctrine was written for people scared to have fairness in the media.  Go peddle your wares to Al Jazeer.
Air-Am:  Oh yeah?  Maybe we will!  Can I borrow your phone to make a long distance call?
Gov:  Ah– no.
Air-Am:  See?  Censorship again!  America sucks!
Gov:  Get out of my office.
Air-Am:  Can you buy me lunch first?
Gov:  Please leave.
Air-Am:  Why won’t anybody listen to us?  We are important!  We tell ourselves all the time!
Gov:  Bye.
Air-Am:  Can you give me a dollar?

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