Ode To My Maverick

January 12, 2007 at 7:32 PM | Posted in Personal | Leave a comment
The new year has brought on a desire to reminisce.  More so than usual, I mean.  The whole concept of this blog was a desire for me to introspect the hell out of myself.  I dug deep, deep within myself, via my navel, and only came up with lint.  It hurt me deep to realize how shallow I am. . .
And now, a song.

Come and listen to my story about a car named Fred
It was a Ford Maverick and it filled me with dread.
The thing would always start and it always ran
Well, let me tell you boys that was part of it’s plan.

He’ll get me where I’m going and I’d think it’s fine
When really all he’s doing is biding his time.
when it’s time to go he would give me a smirk
And a part I never heard of now doesn’t work

"It needs a dual-reverse overhead valve reduction
super modified carbeurtion PFT inducer with fluid"
The mechanic would tell me with a satanic grin
What he charges for repairs is a deadly sin

But at least he’ll do the work; you might say "So"?
Everybody else just wants to have it towed
"The junk yard is where that car should be;
Buy a new car and set yourself free"

I was late to get my girl when it broke down fishin
She got pissed and dropped me like a bad transmission
Every second chance and every last straw
This car is mocking me and rubbing me raw

Once again I’m walking in the heat of the summer
A dude pulls up to me and says, "what a bummer."
He offered me a lift in his shiny new car
I felt like a loser and he felt like a star

"What I hero," I thought as he let me out
All he did was make me feel like a lout
Trying to explain the things I should aspire
So I smiled and as he drove off I slashed his tire

I get the Mav back and its running fine
Held together with rust, bujee cords and twine
My destiny is painted pale blue and primer
AM-FM 8 track, what else could be finer?

This car has wreaked havoc on my self-esteem
You can tell by its look that I’m not living the dream
I just want to be apart of the status quo
But I can’t even pick up a three dollar ho

The chicks don’t dig me the way that they should
And The guys know it’s scrap metal under the hood
I get respect from no one and it really sucks
it makes me wonder-was it really worth the fifty bucks?


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