Mmannickle Mmeckannicle Part To

February 9, 2007 at 10:09 PM | Posted in Journal | 1 Comment
  Well, from were eye sit rite nouw, it cood b dun.  eye’m no eckspert, butt eye no wat eye no.  U no?  Eye giv up on the car, Nijel, az farr az werking on him myself.  He has sat, sins june, in the parcking lot at scooters, were eye werk part tiem. 
  Remember, I lost a tier?  Axually, the hole weel.  I put a nu nukkel on the front left, and thawt that wood solv my problems.  It waz onlee the begginninng.
  The front weels wer stil cross-I’d, and relatively incapable of yer standard mobility.  Thussly, my kwandree.  I waz forsd n2 axon wen deetroyts Kar got repode.  we kneeded another vehickle, stat.
  deetroyt tells me shit happinz fore a reezon, so eye ges this waz the reezon eye got nigel all thoze mannee months agoe. . .
  fast 4werd 2 now.  Nigel has had a kontrole arm replaisd, and an alinement.  afta that, eye droev him several weaks, with a steddilee inkreesing noiz cumming frum the frunt end.  eye cood taeck it know moor, and parct it untill Jerry, this gie eye no, cood werk on it.  Heez the gie hoo put in the kontroll arm.
  normallee, eye lieck 2 doo my oen werk.  iam pertee handee.  butt, kerrantlee eye doent hav all mi tules, and eye doent hav a plaes 2 werk.  butt jerry iz kool; he werks 4 honduh derring the dae. 
eye giv him the kar, ecksplane the sichyou-ashun, and he goze about the prosess of taecking kaer of it.
  he cums bak with the dyagknoses, it kneeds a frunt weel baring and a mastur cilindur 4 the breaks.  he ordurs the parts.  we manetane fone contackt wile heze werking on it. he haz 2 ordur a master cilindur, and thae lye 2 him abowt wen it will cum in.  thae sed mundae, butt knott until tuzdae did it arreyeve.
  he did get the baring ficksd, tho, witch iz gud.  it waz axuallee *krunching* az it roled.  he sed wen he opind it up, the barings fell owt in pesez.
  sow now eye wate wile he werks on the breaks, and hoepfoollee kan pik it up 2nite.. .
  Serprize!  its dun! me and detroyt went 2 pick it up, and eye droev it hoam.  the bak baring iZ stil bad, but not neerly az bad az it waz.  eye will need to get break kallippers sune, and the bak baring dun, but 4 now, he iz fien.  toetallie fien.
  Its gud 2 hav mi lyttel pokkit rokkit bak on the rode.

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  1. I\’s so glad Nijell iz ficksd too. He iz soo much fun to drive.
    zoomzoom zoom
    butt I kant drive him 2much cuz Fred wood get jelas.

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