No Rest For the Wicked

May 1, 2007 at 11:32 PM | Posted in Journal | 4 Comments
Someone–I won’t mention any names but their initials are Detroit–said that, in addition to the fact that she is way more popular than I, my blog entries are way to long and peepul on the internet have little to no attention span, and that is why I don’t get read as much, and why I don’t get as many comments.
While this may be true, I’d like to point out to all yuse guys out there that you are missing out on some hilarious shit (namely, my life) by not reading my blog. Well, your loss. I suppose I do need to get off my ass and go visit more random strangers, thereby hopefully reeling some more suckers in. Anyway, today I’d like to keep it short and sweet, and more importantly–to the point.

Isaiah 57:20-21
57:20 But the wicked are like
the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and
57:21 There is no peace, saith my God, to the
There exists an extended
translation of this scripture in the apocryphal book of
Book of Oldestgenxer 82:12-17
"And when you
think you have it good, it is merely a rest between bouts; for you shall have no
peace this side of the grave.
"If the shit hath not yet hit the fan, it is
only because it remains unplugged. Yea, and I the Lord your God hold the cord.
good ye have shall not last; verily, it’s only purpose is to make ye yearn that
much more for the good life that ye shall never have.
"Yea, and ye are
condemned to fleeting moments of peace contentment; fulfilment
shall remain beyond your grasp, satisfaction shall hang in a branch above your
reach, and happiness shall be an elusive, moody butterfly with venom.
"And I, the Lord, shall watch you and laugh, for this is entertaining
to me. I shall make you dance, and skip, and sing, and cry.
verily, thou art my bitch."

Everyone has a personal relationship with God.  With some people, it’s a little more personal…



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  1. Thanx for the advise, and I\’ll be sure to pay special attention to the second tidbit!  ha ha!!!! 

  2. Actually… I\’m not offended. I find you funny. I am a scarcastic person myself, when I\’m not ridden with pain.
    I think you\’re friend ie Detriot, is wrong. Remember, it\’s not quantity, it\’s Quality!!
    — Fizz —

  3. "God" has to have a sense of humor, I mean really, look at us?!

  4. hey! I never said "peepul on the internet have little to no attention spans"I believe I said not everyone wanted to read a novella!geeshget it right bonehead, I mean ya  : )

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