How Much More–

June 12, 2007 at 10:26 PM | Posted in Personal | 2 Comments
  –Can One Man Take?
  "What’s going on, man?"
  "Nothin.  You?"
  "Not much."
  "So, what’s up with that divorce and all that?"
  "Oh.  Well, my lawyer just called this morning.  We were just waiting on Linda to sign the papers.  She okayed it, initially.  But she still wants maintenance."
  "You mean ‘alimony’?"
  "Yeah.  Her lawyer is all apologetic, explains to her what will most likely happen if it goes to trial, and she just flies into a rage."
  "Classic ‘Storm.’"
  "Exactly.  I could cave on this, and pay her, but I’ve already given her everything."
  "Fuckin aye, dude.  You have to draw a line in the sand.  Across this line you do not–"
  "I’m betting her own lawyer even realizes what a nutbag she is, now."
  "So you think it’s going to go to trial?"
  "I think it might.  A painful, drawn-out process, and she wants to make it longer, more painful, more drawn-out.  All because she refuses to give even an inch.  She wants it all, and doesn’t want to give anything.  I’m the only bad guy, and she is fully justified in everything she does."
  "This is what being right gets her."
  "You said it."
  "Other than that little thing, though, things are cool?"
  "Yeah.  Well, my sister sold the three-wheel motorcycle that my dad had.  But the title is not quite right on all of this, and there’s some bullshit to deal with there."
  "What do you mean?"
  "My dad bought it last year, but never actually titled it.  That should have made it easier, but the idiot who sold it to him signed it as ‘Power of Attorney’–over his dad or something.  Now I need to find the guy and get proof from him that he had power of attorney."
  "Yeah.  And the woman who bought it–You know I hate stupid people.  She fuckin talks slowly, like I can’t understand–because she doesn’t.  She has a whiny thing in her voice like she’s in pain –and maybe she is, but what do you want, sympathy?  Not from me.  She said if we don’t fix this she wants her money back."
  "Yeah.  This is my sister’s deal, but it became my problem.  So now I have to take care of it.  Like everything else.  God, just hearing that woman’s voice pisses me off.  Makes me not want to do anything, but I have to."
  "Bummer, dude.  It’s just like my brother–"
  "So I’m caught up on my bills, but I have no money.  We bought my son a car, and I find out it’s a lemon.  I have it in my driveway, I need to work on it and I don’t want to, because I see it as an exercise in futility.  It’ll just break down again.  He had to have a car, he had to have this one–and we got screwed.  Three grand for this POS that I’ll probably have to put a motor in."
  "I know.  So, my brother gave me a big hassle over–"
  "I still need to straighten out the legal stuff with Dad and his insurance and the house and so forth.  And I can’t have anything in my name until after the divorce is done.  My sister is all paranoid about it.  I tried to tell her nothing will happen until the divorce is final, but she’s alot like Mom, paranoid about getting caught doing something–"
  "I know.  My sister-in-law does–"
  "And to top it all off, my rentor is trying to low ball me on my rental house.  I need to sell it, and I may barely get out of it what I owe on it.  Part of the divorce settlement is that I get that house, and I’m not gonna get shit for it."
  "Drag.  So anyway, my brother is funny about the–"
  "Yeah.  But back to me.  She gets all the equity in the big house, over 60 grand, which was paid for with the little house, I get the little house and it’s not worth jack squat."
  "Are you done yet?  Cause I was gonna–"
  "Your run is up dude.  You need to go."


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  1. Great way to tell us whats going on in your life. LoL

  2. seriously let her take you to court, have her pay it and then let her fuck herself. If she is that big of a bitch and can\’t control herself most judges will award you EVERYTHING because she wants to be stupid.

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