Lost In West Virginia

August 18, 2007 at 11:13 AM | Posted in Notes on Society | 1 Comment
  Can you tell me how to get to the restroom?

  Sure.  Take the Robert K Byrd Memorial Highway past Robertsville into Byrdstown.  Get off On Robert K Byrd Ave, and go left. 
  Yes.  Everything is a left turn.  To continue:  stay on Robert K Byrd Ave, until you cross the Robert K Byrd Expressway.  Just past that, on the left, is The Robert K Byrd Memorial Library and Frozen Yogurt Stand.  Turn left there.  On Your left is The Robert K Byrd Memorial to the Fallen Heroes of Fringe Groups and Radical Organization–
  What the–?  I never heard of anything like that.
  You’ll recognize it because of the statues of men wearing white hoods burning a cross.  Anyway, just past that is Robert K Byrd Street.  Turn left, go about 6 blocks, and on your left will be the Robert K Byrd ACLU Memorial, surrounded by a moat containing lawyers.  Turn left there, and you’ll cross Robert K Byrd Ave, and the next block has the Robert K Byrd Memorial Public Bathroom and Socialist Reading Room.  For a small fee–
  Wait–Did you say "Robert K Byrd Ave" again?  Didn’t I just make three left turns?  Couldn’t I have just turned right?
  No.  Take a look at the sign.

  "Robert K Byrd Memorial Roadway and Infrastructure System.  No right turn ANY TIME, ANYWHERE.  Have A Politically Correct Day"


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  1.  ROFL!
    oh my, thanks for a good laugh

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