Barbie Dream House

September 11, 2007 at 4:36 PM | Posted in Journal | 2 Comments
I had a dream……..
I was on my way home, to my new home.  It was in Venedy, the old town I lived in.  The street was Downing (which doesn’t exist in that town), and the address was 165.  The house was on a corner, facing this house that I had played in when I was a kid, when the house had stood empty and abandoned.
And my house was a duplex, now.  165 Downing, apartment 43.  But it had been apartment 25, but that was scratched out, changed.  The driveway was steep.  I could get in with my truck, but I worried that my girlfriend was going to have to park on the street.  And it wasn’t that steep a minute ago.
I looked around.  The yard was weird.  It seemed as though, instead of grass, there was some sort of woven netting laid down, which kept the grass from growing.  It went around the trees, right up to the trunks. 
I was getting the oddest feeling, like the house was haunted.  Was it something I had heard about it?  I went to the back porch, and the porch went over an opening to the basement, creating sort  of a deck, and hidden cellar kind of space.  In the basement opening, there was an outhouse.  Rickety, old, full of holes, about to fall apart.
  Above it, on the porch, was this thing hanging.  A cage, I guess?  hard to describe.  like an iron maiden, big enough for one person, and it looked like a person in it.  On closer inspection, it was actually just a decoration, like for Halloween.
I went back to the front yard, and there were some kids there, and a teenager.  From what I had gathered, the previous people who had lived here were always the life of the party:  friendly, outgoing, knew everyone in the neighborhood, and always had people over, always involved in people’s lives.  They looked wistfully at me, hoping for some confirmation that even now that I was living there, their life would not change, the party would go on, or whatever.  That’s when I woke up, which is the equivalent of leaving.  I am not going to be dragged into their little–


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  1. weird….dont know what to say…
    *~* :o) if you don\’t have a smile to give… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~* 

  2. Dragged into their little………(little WHAT!? Tell me Tell me Tell me!!!Thanks for stopping by! I didn\’t forget you, I just have a very long list if you didn\’t notice and it as getting late last night. I was gonna come by here anyway, I promise! I\’m sitting here in the lab at school on about 2 hours sleep……Zzzzzzzz.And yeah, I DO believe in soulmates…  :)Take care, don\’t be a stranger! (like I have….)Melissa xxx

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