Goodnight Wisconsin!

November 6, 2007 at 4:44 PM | Posted in Journal | 1 Comment
  The other night, Detroit and I went to a comedy show.  The Last Comic Standing was touring with the top 5 winners.  Uh…Ralph Harris, Amy Schumer, Jerry Dee, Lavell Crawford, and John Reep.  It was at "The Family Arena," in St Charles.
  For you outer-worlders, St Charles isn’t exactly. . . a suburb or St Louis.  It’s more like the western destination for spurious white flight.  Spurious–because now, people are moving to the south, and way, way west, like O’Fallon and Wentzville.  And also where I had moved: northwest to Troy.  But St Charles is the first destination across the bridge, the place where, if you’re playing racial hide and seek, you can yell "Base! Can’t touch me!  Base!"
  I haven’t digressed; this is filler so that you feel you’ve gotten your money’s worth.
  But it’s also relevant because the comics kept mentioning it, as if to remind themselves of where they were ("Goodnight Wisconsin!"), but also because one of the comics was from St Louis,  Lavell Crawford. 
  So, Detroit ordered the tickets, and they came pretty quickly.  They had been on sale for a while, and yet she was able to get 7th row on the floor.  These were good seats, but it made me wonder how big the house (the audience size) in this small arena was going to be.  It holds about 11,000 people, but it was set up in half-house configuration to hold about six thousand.  In that setting I would estimate between half and three-quarters full.  Maybe closer to half. 
  So I take off work that night, and we go to the show.  The barbarians at the gate wouldn’t let us in without paying for parking.  Again, this irks me.  It is their OWN goddamn parking lot!  It’s like paying for parking when you go to McDonald’s to dine in.  What the FUCK?
  Actually we didn’t bring any cash with, so we turned around and left, went to the gas station and used the cash machine.  Then we get back to their very own parking lot where we have to pay for parking.  We park close to the building, go up the steps, and walk in.  Where do we go?  Down there, and down the steps.  Okay.  We go in, go down. .. and can’t get on the floor.  We walk to the other side, go back up the steps, and go out.  It’s like a maze that takes us close to the prize and then dumps us out.  We ask, and we are supposed to go down *the other side*, and that leads us to the main lobby, which we could have just walked into. . .without walking up, and then down, and then up, and then down steps again.
  We walk in right as the show starts.  They had a local comic start the show, a John-something-or-other.  I swear I had seen him at open mic.  In fact, some of the material sounded familiar.  That would be a good gig to get, I imagine.  Wonder how that happens…?
  Then Ralph Harris comes out.  He was number five of the five finalist.  He does his bit, and then MC’s the show.  In my opinion, he should have been higher than 5–more like two.  And based on last night, he was number one.
  Amy Schumer comes out next.  She is cute.  The one female with all the guys, her performance is subdued compared to the them.  Even Lavell–a big, big boy–gave a more energetic performance.  But also, I just feel like I heard all of her stuff before, on the show.  All the rest of them did new material.  Actually, she did what I expected them all to do, so I was pleasantly surprised that all the rest had new material.  So, she wasn’t that good, but she has a nice ass.
  Then Jerry Dee came up.  He was never one of my favorites during the show, but last night, he shined.  He was great.  He was a teacher, and he talked about that.  It was some good stuff.  Then there was an intermission.
  Soda and nachos, the breakfast of champions.  Intermission over, and Ralph Harris came back out, and he did a short bit where he imitated his grandfather.  Then he introduced Lavell Crawford.  Lavell was funnier than I expected.  His bit has always been just fat jokes–he is fat.  But in this set he did more than that.  He talked about his church and stuff too, so it was a fairly clean set.  His mama was in the audience.  And the St Louis audience showed him a lot of love.
  Then Ralph Harris came out again, and introduced John Reep, the winner of Last Comic.
  I like John Reep.  He’s funny, energetic.  He started off with some dance moves.  That was hilarious.  But–
  Like Amy, some of his material I had heard before.  It was still good, and mostly it was new, but some was older.  And he had the energy.  All in all, it was a very good show.
  As Jerry Dee had said [paraphrasing] a guy emailed him and wanted his money back because Jerry had performed some material he had seen before.  He emailed back, "Dear Dickhead, do you go see a rock concert and then demand your money back because they performed songs from the CD you just bought?"  So I can’t fault them. Or ask for my money back. . .
  I was paying attention also, to how clean (or dirty) their acts were. Lavell was the cleanest, but he still got in some poop jokes.  Classic stuff.  But the others, while not especially graphic, still got dirty enough.  I would say at least PG-13, with a few–very few–Rated R spikes.  And I’m sure Dane Cook, who performed in St Louis the previous night, was rated NC-17.  I still want to have some clean material.  Not necessarilly "clean up" my act, but have some cleaner stuff available.
  And maybe–just maybe–not so many jokes about porn.

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  1. sounds like you had a great night…
    *~* :o) because you shared your smile… :o) someones day got brighter.. :o) *~*

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