I’ll Be There For You

January 3, 2008 at 12:57 PM | Posted in Notes on Society | 2 Comments
A couple of side notes…..
I like it cold.  I sweat easy.  Plus lately I’m moody and I my testosterone level is wacky.
Basically, I’m an old menopausal woman.

My wallet was missing.  I thought it was stolen, but I didn’t report it.  I figured if I was going to be the victim of identity theft, my credit score would go up.

 Anyway. . . .
  I’d like to be part of a .. . .gang.  Not a gang like the bloods or the mafia.  A gang like….Like on Friends.  I remember when I was in college, I was part of a gang like that.  Me, my roommate John, and our suite-mate Mike.  And then there was Susan and Gail and Cindy.  And then there were other miscellaneous characters:  a different Cindy, John’s girlfriend that he went back to, after fucking Susan.  And Scott, who Susan was going out with previous, and went back to him, and married.  And Megan, and her roommates, all hot chicks.  And Jen, Mike’s girlfriend–and her house-mates.  They lived off campus.
  I was definitely always the odd one out.  You may find this hard to believe, since you have read my prose and understand not only that I’m a helluva guy but also responsible and mature–but in college I had no social skills whatsoever.  The group of friends–my roommate’s friends–had more or less taken me in like an orphaned puppy.  I did eventually learn how to act around people, and I credit them with teaching me; however, these skills weren’t put into play until after I was gone from that group.  Of course, I did end up with a college girlfriend, which gave me some brief street-cred.
  My next group was short-lived, but the closest to what I am talking about.  We moved to town and my cousin Gina was about my age, so I hung out with her and her friends.  Bob, her on-again-off-again boyfriend and eventual husband, some of her friends, and some of his friends.  And my cousin had a friend that I had the hots for.  That was 25 years ago.  I just saw her recently–as in 4 years ago?–she remembers our time together more fondly than I.  All I remember is getting shot down in flames.  What was her name–?
  Que sera sera.
  My next group was the oddest–the kind you find in an indy film from the 80s starring a young River Phoenix, Ann Margaret, and what the hell is Charlie Sheen doing here?  Oh, that’s me.
  It all started when we moved to St Louis.  I was hanging out with my cousin somewhat, but looking for other things to do.  I made friends with a young guy in the apartment complex I lived in.  He was 16 or 17, I believe I was 19, almost 20 at the time.  It was right after I broke up with my college girlfriend.  I had been driving 120 miles each way to get laid.  Small price to pay, I figured.  If there had been email and so forth back then.. ..
  But this was 1984-85.
  So I hung out with Jim.  He had a couple of friends, Joe and Rhonda.  And Rhonda had a mom, Joy.  And Joy was cool, and where all the kids hung out.  Eventually, I ended up fucking Joy, and living with her for about a year and a half.  There were a couple of other people:  Jen and her boyfriend, I forget his name.  After a while they quit hanging around.  And then Joy’s friend–Cindy? lived with us briefly.  Her boyfriend Joe was cool.  We all hung out alot.  And then there was a young boy, James.  James at 15 we called him.  He was a closeted gay who eventually came out to a few of us.  Probably not his parents, though.
  The first Joe I mentioned was actually Jose.  He was in love with Rhonda.  He was the annoying one of the group, like I imagine I was with the first group.

  After that, "the group" always revolved around family.  The Storm’s family.  She had kids already–Mike and Melissa–so the group was already there.  For the next 19 years, the group was her family.  That was one reason, I believe, that I really liked working at Domino’s Pizza.  We had some groups there.  I had some groups there.  I had friends there.  And, yes, it mostly did revolve around me. .. because I was the manager.  But it was something for me, which is not what HER family was.
  My dad had a gang.  A group, a clique.  His old car buddies.  When he was retired, he liked to make his rounds:  drive around, stop by, and visit.  I like that alot.  I like the essence, the old-fashioned appeal of it.  I don’t have any one to do that to, do I?
  Hell, when I think about it, there was a gang when I was younger.  Me and Vernon, we were the younger part and not always included.  It was my brother’s gang:  him, Tom, Bruce, Pat, and some others.
  This whole thought process started because I was thinking:  is that what I want?  Do I want a group of friends like that?  I think so.  We went to my cousin Joe’s for New Year’s Eve.  There was an eclectic mix of people.  Joe and his new wife, the chick from across the street, a couple of Joe’s friends, and me and Kim.  Some that we new and some we didn’t.  It was nice.  It was different.
  On one paw, I’d like to have some friends like that to hang out with, spend some time with.  On the other paw, I don’t have much time to spare, and I want/need to work on my creative endeavors. 
  I want to be the hermit artist, but I want to sit in the cafe with my friends and talk about it.  And that’s the other thing, too:  I want it to be interesting people.  Most people I simply tolerate.  Many I can barely stand.  The ones I find truly interesting are few and far between.
  I guess I long for the college years.  That’s when it was just about your friends and nothing else.  Stupid job.  Stupid bills.  Stupid responsibilities.  Why do *I* have to grow up?
  If we ever move again (which is doubtful, but even if we do it is far in the future), I want to live in a college town.  Where there are intelligent and interesting people to get to know and argue with.  And of course–coeds.



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  1. We\’re not moving…but if we do… University City, here we come!

  2. lol…you know…maybe there are some great people around you…but you just haven\’t been able to see them yet??
    *~* :o) before you put on a frown… :o) make sure there are no smiles available… :o) *~*

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