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January 16, 2008 at 10:09 PM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | 1 Comment
My first night back.  There’s a fine line between nostalgia and nausea, I suppose.  But the familiar smells brought it all crashing down on me. . .
My thought was this:  I told someone I had worked in over two dozen stores.  Wow, that’s alot.  Some don’t exist any more.  So..  .have I?  Let’s enumerate.

I started in Riverview, 1591.  We had the 30 minute guarantee, so the managers liberally borrowed drivers in the heat of the rush.  I've been all over.  Uh, Spanish Lake, which is no longer there.  Berkeley, Ferguson, Normandy.  Blackjack.  Bridgeton.  How many is that?  7.  2 no longer with us.
Then also, I worked in U City, and then we had a Hazelwood store we called McDonnell Douglas.  9 and 3.  They opened a Dellwood store, and then closed it.  They moved the Ferguson store, and I worked at the new one.  It counts.  So that's. .. .11 and 5.
I left and went to another franchise.  That's 1575 and 1576--Hazelwood (although it was in Florissant) and Cross Keys (another Florissant Store.)  13 and 5.  I worked in Edwardsville-2957 and then O'Fallon, both in Illinois.  15 and 5.  I worked in Alton, East Alton, and Jerseyville, each for just a few days.  18 and 5.  Oh, shit--Granite City, too.  Both of them.  Maryville Rd and downtown.  That's 20 and 5.
They moved the Bridgeton store when they closed McDonnell Douglas, and I worked at the new one.  21 and 6.  I worked a school lunch or two down in Lemay, that's 22 and 6.  When I left, I went to the new Riverview store, it had been moved out of one shitty neighborhood into another.  That's 22 and 7.   Hmmm.  I guess that's all. But those comprise all of the North St Louis County area, and a large part of the the Metro East area.  22 stores, 7 of which do not exist anymore.. .
And now, 23.  Green Trails.  If only these were woman I had fucked.  They have certainly fucked me.
Do you want to count Papa John's, too?  I worked in 1. . .2. . .3.  Buh-wa-ha-ha!  Three, Three Papa John's!  And then the two Scooter's locations, covering all of St Charles county.  The significance is, when you take all of that into account, I have been EVERYWHERE in the St Louis area north of 40--the big arterial divider.  I don't know how big you think St Louis is--but it's bigger than you think.  Urban sprawl and expansion--it could easily be a 100 mile diameter circle. 
And I am King of half of it.

That sounds better than what the truth is.


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  1. *~* :o) if you do not have a smile today… :o) I will give you one of mine… :o) *~*

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