I’m A Believer

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  . . .The names have been changed to protect the idiotic. . .

  My friend The Dude, in an earnest desire to make me more informed about the world around me, referred me to a website which contained "Intelligence Briefs."  No, I’m not going to give you the site–think of it as me slapping the Weekly World News out of your hands when you start to quote it as actual news.
  The Dude tells me, according to this site:  Henry Paulson, the Secretary of the Treasury, was shot in the chest and killed sometime around Christmas.  He was shot, of course, because he wasn’t doing "what he was told to do" about the economy as directed by–well, that part is cryptic, or else I wasn’t paying attention.  NWO people, I guess.  Or the Shadow government.
  He also said that at GW Bush’s ranch in Texas, while the fam was spending the holiday at Camp David, the Russian mob kidnapped GW’s favorite horse–worth 350k–cut off it’s head and left it in GW’s bed.
  And of course, GH Bush, the senior, was arrested and held for several days, relating to some scandal involving TRILLIONS of dollars.  Not millions.  Not billions.  Not even Ga-zillions.  Trillions.
  And none of this is in the news, of course, because the media is "afraid" to report it. 
  In the same way the "9-11 Truthers" (these are the ones who believe it was a conspiracy and a controlled demolition–and by the way, The Dude is one of these) believe that all credible scientists and engineers with the proof to denounce their ridiculous claims are either afraid of "The Government," or paid off by them to remain silent about the "truth."  That puts the truthers in a unique, special  category:  Only they are BRAVE ENOUGH to tell the truth.  Too bad none of them are mechanical engineers.
  But then…where are the reprisals, death threats, and outright murders of these brave truth-tellers?

  Well, of course, everything you read on the internet is true, right? Legitimate news sources and responsible journalism can’t compete with the lies, fiction, and outright fantasy created by paranoid stoners living in their parent’s basement with internet access and a website.  These people seek each other out, use each other as "sources," and claim legitimacy thereby.  It’s very much like two stoners who hear something, and make each other more and more paranoid by what they imagine they heard.  In fact, it’s exactly like that.
  A friend of mine today sent me proof that Paulson was still alive (he appeared on three morning shows) because I had five bucks riding on it.  Now, this proof may not be good enough for The Dude–this is the mainstream media after all, and they are in on the hoax.
  Not everything in this world is a conspiracy.  The new world order thing?  yeah, I kind of think so.  I mean, it is what "They" are headed for, whomever "they" are.  But it’s not so much a conspiracy as it is an open secret.  It won’t be the way the black helicopter people envision it, but it’s headed that way.
  And that’s the thing:  The world is a much more complicated place than you can imagine, even if you know it’s a complicated place.  A conspiracy theory is a way to both simplify the world give you a sense of control over it.  Meaning, if you KNOW of the conspiracy, you are one the special ones, one of the elite informed–and you have an edge.
  It’s a way of getting a grasp on things.  There is a thing called "True Believer Syndrome"–look it up.  I believe it is a mental illness. 
  Sure, there are improprieties in the 9-11 attacks.  What did we know, when did we know it?  How much did we know?  Could we have stopped it?  It’s much more complicated than saying "we did it ourselves."  That simplifies it, makes the world an easier place to understand.  You know that 9-11 was the most thoroughly studied and examined event in human history.  Records, hearings, everything.  A little impropriety like several hundred (yes, several hundred) people being in on a conspiracy, planting explosives, taking a jet out of the air and replacing it with a missile–all of these things are a little to big to just cover up.
  Do you have any idea, morons, how much explosives would have had to have been planted in the building to make it a "controlled demolition"?  Fucking uneducated retarded fuckheads.  Because you disagree with the administration, you are right and they are evil, therefore they are capable of anything in your mind. 

  Well, we backed Osama, and created him.  Yeah, that was 30 years ago, to fight the Russians because we had a common enemy.  We didn’t know that he would turn on us.  He was probably plotting it then, even while he took our money and weapons and training.  Does that mean we have an alliance with him now? 
  I had a friend in 4th grade who is now a dangerous, murderous felon.  We used to steal cigarettes together.  Are we friends today?
  Is there a conspiracy to make us all apart of a one-world government?  Probably.  What can you do about it?  Not much.  It’s not a government thing so much as it is a corporate thing.  It’s not a conspiracy as such, it’s just the normal progression.  Businesses want to profit.  They see a way to do it oversees.  They go.  They want the rules on them to ease up.  They apply money and pressure to that end.  The governments change, the rules change, the goals change.  People, governments, businesses, and other entities are looking at the world as a giant risk game–how do I survive this?  They make deals that are less than moral, they make unsavory alliances as the pragmatic means to an end.  It’s not a conspiracy–that simplifies it way to much.  It’s survival. . .short term, without looking at the long term circumstances.
  I am actually more willing to believe that there is a conspiracy involving UFOs and aliens. . .there is some credible evidence for that.  Now, having said that…Do I believe in an X-Files type scenario, where an elite and hidden group is negotiating with the aliens for something?  Well, dude, we just don’t know. 
  Like these secret organizations–Bildergbergs and so forth.  I think they are what they actually say they are:  Exclusive clubs.  However, sometimes important things happen from contacts made their.  It’s called networking.  If a civil war breaks out or the dollar falls because of a deal made. . .that’s just the law of unintended consequences.  Things happen.  And then because of that, other things happen, things which cannot be foreseen or predicted.  People will react in different ways to different things on different days.
  Are we heading into a recession, a depression?  Many people think so.  And just thinking it is likely to make it so.  What’s the cause?  George Bush as President?  The Iraq war?  Not only is that not probable, it’s highly unlikely.  But people who can’t balance their own checkbook are going to blame him because the media and conventional wisdom does.  The cause(s) of a recession are highly complicated, and involve many aspects, not just one.  I am a smart guy, an engineering student,  I understand most things.  But not economics.  But I do know this:  You cannot point to one thing and say, "There it is!  That’s what caused it!  Fix that, and it will all go away."  There are many complex and inter-related things, locally, nationally, globally, that come into play.  I will bet you 10 dollars that you don’t understand them.  Because you don’t.  Don’t even try.  I’m smarter than you, and I know that I don’t.  At least I’m smart enough to know that.  The president didn’t cause it, and the president can’t fix it.  It’s cycle.  It was bound to happen.  Eventually it will end.  It’s very complicated, and this is the world we live in. 
  I recommend storing some canned food and growing a garden.  And stop believing everything you read.  Except this. 

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