A Peom For My Honey

February 13, 2008 at 9:36 PM | Posted in Personal | 1 Comment
I always preface an entry like this by saying this:  I maintain that anyone who writes poetry is just not right in the head.

My sweetheart is so wonderful
and she is so good to me.
like a stuntman in a body cast
she really takes care of me
without making me feel suffocated

She cooks for me sometimes,
and its usually not to bad.
she cleans up after me all the time
and hardly ever bitches.

Miraculously my clothes appear
all neatly folded and put away
and usually they’re clean as well
just dont go expecting it

She understands my needs
no matter how preverted
and she even fulfills most of them
although some things are off limits
unless she passes out

My little bundle of sunshine,
love and joy and stuff.
someone who really gets me
and knows I can be too much

We like alot of the same things
and I like the things she does
I cant believe she loves me
for the asshole that I am

I really enjoy her company,
and I’m glad that we are friends
I didn’t know I could love someone
this completely sarcastic

She is sweet like a sugar beet
or an old stale beer left open
but she can also be sharp and bitter
like cheddar, or an old woman

We can spend time alone and quiet
or talk and talk and talk
until one of us falls asleep
from all the excitement.

She wants to be with me forever
or at least she thinks so now
but I’ll ask again in a few years
to see if she has changed her mind
because I’m better in small doses

We both understand the things
we’ve given up to be with each other
but we’ve gained so much more
sometimes its more than we can handle

I hope this peom does the trick
and says everything I want to say
cause I’ve run out ideas already
valentines day is coming up
and I want make sure I get laid


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  1. aw, aren\’t you the sweetest man on the earth?? even though you did make me pay for Valentine\’s dinner. I love you, Big Sexy!

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