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  I can’t really complain about this…without making me sound stupid.  But since that’s never stopped me before–

  I just got my own domain. is bought and paid for.  I own a little piece of the internet, although I feel more like a member of the Borg Collective.
  The problem is my knowledge. or LACK THEREOF.  To my great shame, I have to admit that I have a computer degree, but it’s in computer networking.  Plus, it’s only an associate’s degree.  And, while I did get straight A’s in it, it was from 01 to 06 when I graduated.  Plus, alot of stuff I didn’t pay attention to.  I kind of coasted my way to an A by not knowing the material, but knowing the system.
  How did I coast my way to an A?  Well, geez, it’s pretty simple:  I’m really fucking smart.
  Computer knowledge is so specialized now, too.  Most people don’t even GET that there are different aspects, much less comprehend what they are.  "I’m a programmer."  "Really?  Can you fix my computer?"  "No."  "But you’re a computer guy–"
  It’s like asking a gynecologist to perform heart surgery.  "But you’re a doctor."  "Yeah.  But I’m not a surgeon, one.  And my specialty lies in a different area."  "Really?  What is it?"  "Spread your legs and I’ll show you."
  I’ve heard of the concepts and I get the general idea, but the specifics of it are beyond me.
  So I buy the domain and the web space and what-have-you, and I’m ready to go.  I get on there….and I really have no frame of reference.  I make a call and I get started, and suddenly, I have a web page.  For a couple of days.  I still don’t know what I want, exactly, but the idea is starting to form.  And the more the idea forms, the more I realize that what I have isn’t what I want.  While trying to fix it and move it, I accidentally delete it.  Clean slate.  Kind of.
  Believe me when I say I’m skipping over alot of the boring details.  I had shit on there, I thought I made it go away, but much like wiping your ass, I guess–it ain’t clean till you lick it.  I thought it was ready to reload, but I got errors which indicated to me the equivalent of sloppy seconds:  I was trying to put new shit on top of old shit and it didn’t like it.
  At least I’ve had time to take some notes and think and plan what it is that I want.  I can’t believe how easily I get frustrated, and it’s in large part I know to my ADD.  I’m smart and I understand everything so well, that when I come across something complicated, I can’t slow down and comprehend it, so I get lost in it and get pissed.  Stupid brain.
  But this is something that I want to do, a section of knowledge that I want to gain, so I’m going to learn how to do this.  In the same way I learned how to build a computer, I can learn this.  I can.  This is going to be an education for me.  It’s going to be painful.


  So, this is what I want to do:  I want to have a website where the main page is a portal that links to all of my various interests and works.  Being the renaissance man that I am, I’ll have a pages for my different writing styles, my comedy, my cartoon strip, and all the various other shit.  I’m going to have a blog-like page (probably wordpress) where I will have all the good articles and writing that I do.  I’m going to have links to the several forums that I’m a part of.
  And I’m going to keep this blog.  This one has been with me from the beginning.  This is where I started.  I changed the name, and I’m going to change the look to reflect what it’s purpose is:  The down and dirty real true story, unedited.  This way I can have my professional website, and my professional blog for my writing profession, and still keep this one as kind of a backstage area.  It’ll be special, like a gimp in the basement.

  So that’s the plan.  All I have to do know is build the fucking site without killing anyone.

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  1. Tron funkin blows…lol…don\’t knwo if you have ever watched that movie…
    *~*   :o) if you don’t have a smile to give today…  :o) I will give you one of mine…  :o)   *~*

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