I Guess That’s What I Am

April 22, 2008 at 7:15 PM | Posted in Journal | 2 Comments
  I’m going to give you this one:  The Title is a line from a song by Rush.  Working Man:
    "Well, they call me a workin man;
    "I guess that’s what I am–

  I’ve always worked alot.  When I worked at the warehouse in the mid 80s, this ended up being my schedule: 
   Monday    8am to 11pm (by myself)    15 hrs
   Tues         3pm to 11pm         8 hrs
   Wed         3pm to  3am        12 hrs
   Thurs        3pm to 11pm         8 hrs
   Fri            off
   Sat        3pm to  whenever we get done.
  And usually that "whenever we get done" was 6am Sunday morning.  The odd schedule was due to the nature of the work, obviously.  We sent out trucks on 1, 2. 3 and 5 day runs.  During the week, it was staggered and we had to load a portion of them.  Come Saturday, we had to load EVERYTHING because they all left again on Sunday or Monday.  And this was just a four man crew, loading about 30 trucks.
  So I got fired from that. . .
  I worked at Domino’s the first time just as a driver, trying hard to get 40 hours.  Once I became an assistant, I was REQUIRED to work 60.  My first promotion was actually that my hours dropped down to 55.  I sat there at 55 per week for a while, until I went back to the warehouse.  The deal I struck (because I made so little per hour) was that I got the privilege of working 6 days per week, 48 hours.  Yay?
  I went back to Domino’s as a driver, and got right at 40 hours.  When I became an assistant, I wasn’t required to do the 55 hour thing anymore.  I did some OT, roughly under 50 hours per week.
  Becoming a manager, that was fun.  55 hours per week guaranteed, because I was on salary.  Sometimes I even got to work more than that.  For free.
  Back down to assistant, and I was happy with 46 hours per week.  Manager again, and I worked my schedule creatively to get down to fifty hours.  I lived five minutes from my store, and I could be late or leave early and be covered.  If a supervisor came in and I was not there yet, "I had just run to the store." When I left there to go to Steak n Shake was the first time I worked two jobs.  I stayed at Domino’s and drove a couple nights a week while working roughly 50 hours a week there.  That was only for about 4 months.
  Back to Domino’s, I was manager, working way less than 50 hours a week because the store had shorter hours.  I went to Papa Johns, where even as an assistant I was on salary.  As soon as I was hired, my supervisor left, and was shocked at how much I was making.  Well, dickhead, I had experience.  But he wanted me to work more dayshifts, because that’s how they could suck more hours out of me.  However, I was a really good closer, and valuable in that capacity.  I remember calling him out on it.  Hasan, my Pakistani supervisor.  He lied right to my face and and said no, that’s not why.
  But because we closed at midnight, I was barely working over 40 hours for my salary, not the 50 they wanted.  It was while here that I started working a second job again, this time for Scooters, when it was new in St Peters.  This was 10 years ago.  I worked less than ten hours a week here, just a few lunch shifts.  Wow, ten years ago….
  This was about the time that they were opening the second store, and needed someone full time.  So, I quit Papa’s, and went to Scooters full time.  I don’t recall how it happened, but I did need some extra cash, and so I began to drive at Domino’s part time.  I never tracked my hours at this time.  This last decade, I realize now, has been a blur.
  In 01 I went back to school while working the two jobs.  I really don’t understand my motivation at the time…..because I don’t know if I would be up to it now.  But that’s what I did for basically five years, until I graduated in 06.  I traded a bank job for full time and scooters switched to part time, but it was still two jobs.
  Here we are in 08, I saw the need and picked up a third job.  So, let’s see how many hours I’m working….
       The Bank                                    40 hours
       The Restaurant    MWF, 5+5+6=16 hours
       Dominos              TF, 7.5 + 9.5= 17 hours
  So that’s…..73 hours per week.  That is alot of fucking hours.  My time off is broken up into half days.  I have 4 half days off.  Wed night, Sat day, Sun day and Sun night.  Plus, every day between jobs I would come home, nap for an hour, change, and leave for the other job.  The nap was a must.  Crucial.  Imperative.
  I know that this is a little boring and I’m sorry; some of this is for me.  This is kind of to show me where I stand now.  And where do I stand now?  Well, under this system, I always had money, which is nice.  Caught up on bills, and always had cash. . .somewhat because I never had time to spend any.  I feel like if I had two days off in a row, I might get too far away from home and not come back.  Something has to keep me tethered.
  But now, thanks to Bunny–my BFF–I have a new financial situation.  She helped me (and pushed and prodded me, and guided me) to get my house refinanced.  This did several things:
  a)  Got The Storm’s name off the house (so long, sucka-face!)
  2)  Paid off the Truck and big chunks of credit card
  d)  lowered interest rate and house payment
  Plus, my child support payment drops down as well.
  In essence, I need LESS money now.  I was working three jobs because I needed the money, not because I thought the shit was fun.  So first, I dropped Tuesdays at Domino’s, 7.5 hours.  I can’t drop Friday, I cant.  It’s too much money, and I’m a whore.
  Just this week, I dropped Monday night at Scooters.  The other assistant was looking to pick up hours and I was looking to drop.  I love it when a plan comes together.  So that’s 5 hours.
  So now, I work 40 at the bank, 11 at Scooters, and 9 at Domino’s.  Sixty hours–but it’s so much less than before.  More importantly is my time off.  I work Thursday, Friday, Saturday night, and Monday thru Friday during the day.  That means I have off four nights.  It seems like so much.
  In fact, even if I pick up overtime at the Bank (which I can, five hours’ worth) and end up with 65 hours per week, I still have more USEFUL time off.  I can stay one hour extra a day, or go in an hour early, and still have all my free time.  Five hours of overtime at the bank is worth ten hours at Scooters.  Or, five hours at Scooters and the cash I made on Tuesday at Domino’s.  So I’m working less and making the same money, almost.
  Anyway, I’m just happy that I get more time off, and more time to spend with Detroit, and more time to do things for myself. 

  I’ve been thinking about stepping back into stand up.



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  1. I am

  2. I SAY.. grrrrrr.. totally exhausted just reading your schedule. but glad you made it all work out.. Detroit got herself one helluva great catch!!  BRAVO to you!!   : )

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