Peanuts and Crackerjacks

April 30, 2008 at 8:36 PM | Posted in Journal | 1 Comment
   "You want to leave early and go to a ball game?"

  "Here’s your ticket, and a map.  I’m parking at metrolink, and we’ll ride back on it."

  "You found a parking spot too?"
  "Yeah.  What is going on with this place today?"

  "How did the Cards do yesterday?"
  "Don’t know.  But this is my first time going to the new ballpark."

  "Where is section 244?"
  "Up another flight of escalators.  You’ll see it."
  "I’ll have a pretzel dog and some nachos, and a Bud Light."
  "That’ll be $20.50."

  ~~seventh inning stretch~~

  "Where you guys going?"
  "We’re going to leave so we can beat traffic."
  "I’m going to the bathroom; I’ll wait for you."

  "I can go down stairs, but I can’t go up stairs."


  "A street corner….band."
  "Don’t taze me, bro!  Don’t taze me, bro!"

  "Does this train go out to Lambert?"
  "Yeah.  We passed the last one up."

  "I can go down stairs, but I can’t go up stairs."
  "You parked on the roof."
  "I want to go where the bad girls go."

  "Don’t worry, I’ll take the trash out."
  "You woke me up from a nap to tell me that?"


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  1. You weren\’t napping…you were just sitting there watching TV. Duh.

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