Deja Vu All Over Again

June 30, 2008 at 9:41 PM | Posted in Riding In Cars With Pizza | Leave a comment
  I may have found a solution to some of my problems.  Certainly not an answer to my prayers…
  I haven’t been praying, and maybe that’s the problem.  If I had prayed, and believed, and had faith, the answer that came to me would have been more awe inspiring and heartfelt.  Or at least not filled with irony and despair.
  Which reminds me of a joke.

  So this guy wanted to win the lottery really badly.  It was all he talked about, all thought about.  All he dreamed about.  Soon, too, it was all he prayed about.  He prayed for it daily, then twice daily.  Eventually he was in a constant state of prayer.  Every waking minute of every hour of every day:  "Lord, please, please let me win the lottery.  Please!"
  After a year or two of this crap, The Lord’s patience wore thin.  He appeared to the guy.  "Alright, already!  Jesus!  Fine, I’ll let you win the lottery.  Just get off my back.  Dickhead."
  Satisfied, the guy ceased his endless prayer and waited.
  But a few days went by, then a week, then two.  Worried, the guy began to pray to God again.  "Please, Lord, please!  Let me win the lottery!  Please!  You said you would!  Please!"
  God appeared before him, in the fullness of his glory, and a little pissed.  "Look, you schmuck.  I said I would let you win the lottery, and I will.  But you have to meet me halfway here.  You have to buy a ticket."

  I haven’t prayed about it for a couple of reasons.  First, I didn’t feel very worthy.  I believe, still, I do.  Secondly, I didn’t feel that this was a big enough issue, a serious enough deal to bother with prayer.  And lastly, I knew the answer.  The answer was, "Solve it your damn self.  That’s what I have given you the skills to do."
  My problem was–and still is–a little bit of a lack of cash.  I have a pretty good job, paid a couple bucks an hour more than I’m worth.  Plus I have my part time gig at Domino’s.  Detroit works as well, and between us, we come several hundred dollars short each month of our goal.  Plus, we just bought a car (I swear, they will sell a car to just about anyone these days).
  Earlier this year, I was working three jobs.  Didn’t have much free time, but I had hella cash.  Bills were not a problem.  First I cut my hours back at Domino’s.  Then, Scooter’s closed.
  I’ve had a month of weekends off, and more time at home.  Of course this is a blessing, especially as I get to spend more time with Detroit–God love her– and get to bask in the glow of her love, or whatever.
  Originally I thought I wanted to Detroit to get a part time job–less strain on me.  But our discussion brought to light several things.  I like to have things done around the house–laundry, dishes, grass cut–but I don’t necessarily like to do them myself.  At present Detroit takes care of those things, and I kind of lay around the house doing nothing.  It’s a–I have reason.  I’m…resting.  Piss off.
  Anywho, I’m working less than I was.  If she works more than she is currently, then *logically* I should take over some of the household chores.
  Well, fuck that.
  I’m all for upholding the status quo.  I would rather pick up some more hours somewhere myself, bring in the money, be the bread-winner, so to speak.  It serves a few purposes:  I don’t use Detroit up by making her work more, and I don’t have to do (much of) anything around the house.  I finally have my weekends free, and I will keep those free.  I can do some evenings during the week, we still have our weekend, and hopefully the money will be good enough to cover us.
  I have a line on a couple of opportunities.  Doing the math….I need two or three nights, not including the night I’m already doing at Domino’s.  I need to keep that, I think.  I can either pick up a couple of more nights delivering, or pick up a couple of nights elsewhere.  I did happen to talk to someone who said they had something that could maybe work out.  Hmmm.  I guess we’ll see what happens…
  That’s called foreshadowing, people.


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