Amityville Horror

September 23, 2008 at 10:15 PM | Posted in Journal | Leave a comment
  Late last night, I felt a chill, and pulled the covers up over me.  Something–some force, some entity–had entered the house and taken root.  I felt we were now…haunted.
  It was like a storm off in the horizon.  We stood and watched, from the safety of our porch.  The sky was clear where we were, but in the distance it was cloudy.  Lightning flashed in the distance.  An ominous wall of rain slowly moved towards us.  We huddled together, noting that we were no longer in Kansas.  I wished for the storm to go another direction.
  This morning I awoke from fitful and restless night’s sleep.  I looked to my side, and noted that Detroit was gone.  And Alex is gone too.  Yet…yet somehow I still felt as though I wasn’t *alone*.  As I got ready, I couldn’t shake that feeling.  An empty house feels different…and this house didn’t feel empty. 
  It seems that with supernatural events come unusual odors as well.  What manner of poltergeist were we dealing with, and how long would this haunting last?
  I was tired, very tired, and thought of sleeping in for a bit, and going in to work late.  But I didn’t want to stay.  It’s my own house, and I didn’t want to stay.
  Later in the day, exhausted, I thought of leaving early, but where would I go?  Where could I?  Would my home still feel like home?  Not like it was.  Would it ever be like it was?
  When the TV sucks us into it, and the burial ground under the house becomes more active and starts to drain us of our lives before finally destroying the house and killing us all…maybe after that we can get back to normal.

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