Election Night Coverage II

October 21, 2008 at 4:16 PM | Posted in Political | Leave a comment
  I haven’t taken the class yet to work in the poll–that’s Saturday.  But I downloaded a sample ballot for my area, because I have to submit an absentee ballot and I wanted to know what I’m in for.  Ironically, although I will be working in the poll all day, I will have no time to vote.
  So I’m reading the ballot, and a few things strike me.  For instance, what is with the judges?  Here in Missourah, it goes like this:
  "Shall Judge John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt, Circuit Judge of Judicial Circuit NO 21, be retained in office?"
  So we don’t vote on judges to get their job, just whether they will keep them.  It doesn’t mention party affiliation, either.  Missouri supposedly has a pretty fair way of selecting judges, as well.  But the only way I would ever hear of one of these guys is if they were in the news for bodies buried under their house.  I figure, if I don’t recognize their name, they can stay.
  Otherwise we replace them, and still have to pay their pension.  I say screw that; they work until they die.
  The other thing I noticed is that in my district, no Republican candidate filed for state senate or state representative.  Very conceivably, I could run for one of those spots.  I could take one of those spots.  I could win!  I would be well on my way to world domination, or at least a career in politics.
  If so, I am going to have to amend this entire blog, plus have everyone who has ever read it shot.
  But I wonder how someone goes about doing that?  I’m sure it costs money, but it shouldn’t have to be *my* money; that’s what campaign contributions are for.  Plus, would the Republican party even want me to run in their name?  I could start as an independent, but that’s like running as an anarchist:  who contributes to the party?
  First things first, I suppose–I work the election, maybe get to know some people.  Then find out how to run, whom to talk to, and so forth.  I do know that the state legislature is a part-time job, but the pay is decent enough.  I could deliver pizza for the rest of the year.
  I also read that there are term limits, which is good.  You may not have noticed, but I have a short attention span and tend to jump from topic to–

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